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Hurling was on life support out there once upon a time.


The jealousy that NaPiarsaigh’s success has created in Limerick is absolutely off the hook, the amount of bullshit and bile that has been typed here about them is staggering.


You’re trying very hard to be accepted as a Limerick man on here but you’ll always be a Cork bastard in our eyes mate. It’s nothing personal, it’s just the way it is xxx


I don’t give a fuck what you think of me, I’ve lived in Limerick for 16 years so naturally i have an interest in sporting affairs here without having allegiance to any club bar a junior one down west, i can view this from an outsiders perspective and i see it as it is. NaP have most of ye driven demented and it’s good fun to watch


Calm down mate, don’t take it personally I said


:+1: sorry pal, I lost the head there.


No worries Cork weirdo


The only people driven mad is glas and the rest of the merry boys.


It’s nothing personal against Na Piarsaigh really. They’ve been incredibly successful in the last few years and when they won the AI I didn’t hear one Limerick supporter begrudge them their success.

It’s just that obviously people want the county team to improve from a desperately low ebb of recent years (decades) so their repeated extended runs into February and March upset the preparations of the senior team. Same again this year, very difficult to build a side when you’ve ten or eleven lads missing the whole league campaign and then thrown back in two months out from the championship - while lads who broken their arse since November are dropped to make way for them. Not the fault of Na Piarsaigh or their players but it’s just a headache Kiely and co could have done without. Ideally you’d have a full squad from day one and can build the team and squad accordingly.

I’d Iike to see them win the AI again this year but it’s worth fuck all to the county team.




Can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the team hotel the day of an important league game against Clare and a lad is sinking a pint in the bar and a month later he takes your jersey off you. Must be awful for moral.


If we want to win a senior AI we need to put the County first for the next couple of years.


Seriously mate? :grinning:
I’m not even sure if it’s you but are you really suggesting that there isn’t a bias against NaP from a decent percentage of the Limerick posters?


And stick a knife in every football and egg shaped ball in the county.

Worth a fuck to us.


What’s your point caller?

It’s only natural that lads would become friendly with their team mates who they’ve been training with over the last few months, with the boxing etc.

Then - through no fault of the Na Piarsaigh lads as I said - they arrive back in and the 44 man squad is trimmed. When lads see their mates dropped of course they’re going to disappointed for them - even if to be brutally honest the returning player is a better player and deserving of a squad place.

There’s no need to take offence at everything Na P related.


Cuntinatracksuit And glas are the type of men that call the guards when the neighbours Cows break onto the lawn. Take no notice of anything they’ve to say about anything.


Only in Limerick could the potential availability of a raft of AI winning hurlers to the county panel be painted so enthusiastically as some sort of impending catastrophe.


To be honest I always thought there isn’t enough begrudgery towards Na P . If the truth be told most clubs seem to accept they will dominate for a least another 5 years and only a drop in their standards will give others a chance .

Their rivals with the possible exception of Doon have regressed and bar Monaleen and Mungret come good in the next few years they have little to fear bar themselves . However they are regressing a little at underage the last couple of years

The have done only ok as regards county senior hurlers but I hope that might improve in the next few years .




To be honest Limerick is the only club scene to be discussed in detail on TFK (@boxoffice) but the begrudgery seems off the hook to me
Anyway, it is funny to watch, honestly I’ve no skin in the game