Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


True but people need to realise a couple of things ;

  • a club AI winning team rejoining a county panel can create tensions . Especially 10 players

  • good club hurlers don’t always be good Inter county hurlers .

All the Na P lads have earned their place on the Limerick panel and over to them now .


Based on the last gazillion posts I would assume the only outcomes of the NaP lads coming on board are the two bulletpoints you’ve mentioned above.


Will you and the other thick stop talking complete shite. You’d swear there was a limerick panel against Na P dynamic going on. A few Na P lads have been around the panel a few years and are as well integrated as any of the other senior players, the rest have played u21 and minor with the most of the limerick panel for the last few years. There is no division only in your head.

Also, when the Na P lads get back they will have to play their way into the team in training the same as anyone else. Come championship the players in the best form will be selected (we hope). Anyone sour at not being selected will have to try improve. It’s as simple as that.

Anything else is pure scutter.


Hear hear. And it’s not as if the NaP lads will take too long to get back up to speed as Limerick don’t play with any tactics anyway.


Wouldn’t say that, Hip & Whip.

Limerick fear NO ONE.




The thoughts of facing Laois on the 28th January are very underwhelming. We lost away to Wexford last year with the Na Piarsiagh contingent for what its worth lads. If the GAA do restructure the league we have to beat Dublin in February. If we dont there’s no excuse in my opinion.


Forty years cribbing that we couldn’t win an All Ireland Club Championship and the minute a Limerick club do they start bitching and moaning. You couldn’t make it up.

Na P won’t be winning every year, there are cycles. But there will a lot of lads with experience and medals that we can hopefully build on at intercounty level over the coming years.


What’s fascinating and funny to watch is your pandering and your attempts at acceptance from the Limerick crew. It’s true what they say, there’s a bit of a ‘want’ in most Cork lads.


He contradicts most of the lads on this thread at every turn. How is that pandering? Are you thick?



Calm down princess, you’ll do yourself a mischief


Indeed, it’s a bizarre line to take, it’s easy to be a sheep


I’ll take that as a yes.


Be quiet ye gay cunts.


I think we will all agree that the all Ireland club should be finished in the calendar year .


You’re seething princess, you’re angry at the injustice of it all :snowflake:


Sure kid. You’re on the ball most of the time, just stop getting so worked up and acting billy big balls any time someone corrects you, you look childish and foolish.


Linerick lads are gas for this. Its like the constant moaning about the state of the city centre and O Connell st and then when JP ploughs in 10 m to build a rugby museum and regenerate the area the complaining is off the charts.

A gas crowd


Very few in limerick moaned when we didn’t win a club all Ireland for years . Bar the clubs themselves who came close most didn’t give a fuck and let’s be brutally honest many in the county took a smug , warped pleasure when Limerick teams fell short .

That is the same in most counties .