Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Limerick has enough badly designed white elephants as it is pal. Rugby Museum maybe practical after the South Africans get the Munster franchise banned from competions collectively for doping.


Just another example of limerick begrudgery


The whole county was pleased when De le Salle mugged off Adare that time.


Will all Cork rugby cunts please fuck off to the Munster rugby thread please and thanks.


That is the way the GGA works , bitter , tribal , etc .


FAO of @Watchyourtoes

Was that Aaron’s brother in goals for ASR today?




Thats not the way it works around here unfortunately mate


Best thread on the internet.


Yes. Part of the Limerick minor panel last year.


The Na Piarsaigh players are, by and large, as sound a bunch as you’d meet. The vast majority of their backroom staff are too.

However, as an officer/member/administration/blow-in/hanger-on collective, they are mainly utter self-entitled arseholes.

I wish the team every success in the club championship and hope their players contribute massively to a better year for Limerick.

Bar Willie Mulcahy the rest of them can fuck off.


Willy isn’t on the panel any more…


I couldn’t be bothered reading all those negative posts.

All I’ll say is Cody was well able to manage Club wining teams coming back.




Not sure if serious


He should be banned for spamming the site


Calm down sugar tits


Tom Ryan has transferred to Cuala


He hates Limerick.


Tom Ryan South Liberties (about 23/24) not Tom Ryan Ballybrown
If only we had nicknames for all the Ryans in Limerick and we could drop the Ryan part altogether…