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WTF??? I know exactly who Tom Ryan is… Why would I think ex manager Tom Ryan would need to transfer to Dublin?

Tom Ryan hates Limerick.


Will he be able to play in an All-Ireland final if they get there? A very good hurler.


I doubt it? Surely last seasons competition.


There’s only one Tom Ryan, and it’s not the liberties version.


He’s training away with Dublin.

He hates Limerick.


If he didn’t play with Liberties last year it may be possible


Are you back for the hurling game that only limerick want to win god help us :joy::joy::joy:


What game is that?


Tom Ryan is a massive limerick fan and transferred to Cuala to halt club latte from winning another soft all Ireland like all good limerick fans would.


What’s this fellas story lads, is he a bit of a strange fish or what? Decent hurler but never showed any interest in playing with Limerick really


He may be a bit of a strange fish, but I don’t think that it’s due to not wanting to play first Limerick. It’s not that hard to fathom that someone wouldn’t want to commit to intercounty hurling.

It is a bit of a pity though, he would definitely have added something to the panel over the past couple of years.


When to the states working. In the financial services area. Returned last year and got a job in Dublin. I wouldn’t agree that he didn’t show any interest in hurling with Limerick.


Welcome back


If Dublin are on the ball they’ll be asking him to join their panel.


Already a part of the panel apparently, played for Dublin against Tipp last weekend.

Could definitely be a starter for them.


Ah that point against Tipp in 2014 was unreal. Hickey adding the insurance score then. A good day out.


TOms A1.


Could be a good addition, he was looking like he would be a future mainstay for midfield or wing back when he came in first. Hopefully he has settled down a bit :smile:


The All Ireland Club series is seen as a new competition and he should be eligible if his transfer is gone through unless they have changed the rules in recent times.

I recall a baldy headed Tipp footballer making his debut for Portlaoise in an A/I club semi final back 7 or 8 years ago. @myboyblue can you recall?


Hugh Coughlan. Won a Club All Ireland with Vincents and moved to Portlaoise due to his work as a guard and transferred in for a few years.