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Cuala have stated that he won’t be involved in the All-Ireland series.


Give him the captaincy now and be done with it.


And move him to centre back.


+1. Hannon, Hayes, Byrnes. We wouldn’t need any forwards after that. Maybe tell Dowling to stand in on the square in case it drops short.




He is not on the Dublin panel either


Yes he is.


You’re right. He is. I was misinformed. He came on in the second half v Tipp.


Back in your box you little cunt… The next time you speak out of turn like that to a forum elder, and Limerick legend, I’ll fucking bury you.


The only thing you’d bury is your mickey in your sister.


Mickey :rofl:

What are you, 12?

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What the actual fuck… :eek:


Calm down princess


:smile: :smile: Still seething are we sugar tits?

You shouldn’t take on the top top guys if you’re not able for it mate :pint:


I can confirm I will be supporting nap in their quest for a 2nd (second) AI. And fuck the begrudgers.


I dont think anyone begrudges them pal, their cheerleader here talking about 5 of them starting for Limerick this summer is talking bollix though. Limerick posters here across the board wish them well for the club AI.


They are limerick


Their cheerleader is a nap man and will back his clubmen. I feel p Casey will definitely start for limerick and his brother, possibly. But I’d prefer hickey cornor back, with clear instruction to win it and give it. D Dempsey has talent and a bit of cut about him but needs to get more involved in games. Downes if back to form is a match winner. Lots of ifs tbf but potentially 4