Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


All the one,cuala will beat them.


Peter Casey is a definite starter, his brother Mike and David Dempsey will also be very close. Downes if he rediscovers hia form will be a good impact sub. WOD has a lot of potential too along with R Lynch but neither will start in the summer, Dowling is another impact sub now too at this stage.


I wouldn’t let Downes into a swimming pool without armbands never mind hurl inter county.


Ah he has been unlucky with injuries, deserves another chance in fairness to him, but it will be from the bench.


He’s a tog shitter, full stop.


He is a match winner on form. Coming deep and turning. Sure there was a forum that had a thread downes or canning!


I’ll never forget that shot he took off his right side against Clare in Thurles in the qualifiers in 2016.

God help us.

Brilliant for Nap in fairness, always racks up big scores. Has the potential to do it on inter county level but unfortunately we’ve been saying that awhile. Still worth a look at the same time.


This type of return to form would be nice


Haha christ, every year these videos are put up.


I know that pal, that’s why I said a return to this type of form would be nice. Tongue firmly in cheek mate.


I like Downes and always said we need him firing if we are to reach our potential but he will never again meet two full backs that slow .


If you scroll back up there a small bit you’ll see your boorish, unprovoked attack has earned me a handy “nice reply”. Shove it up the eye of your mickey.


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Downes needs to take off the ash guard. The amount of ball that bounces out of his hand is unreal



You’ll have about 10 Limerick lads and about 5 thousand Clare lads at this.


I would agree that Peter Casey is the only nailed-on starter from Na Piarsaigh (provided his form doesn’t completely collapse) but I’d be surprised if he was the only one. His brother would appear to be a favourite of Kiely’s and will be there or thereabouts. Definitely not guaranteed a place, as there is Hickey, Condon, Finn, English and I wouldn’t say he was clearly better than any of those.

I’d say Downes is almost in competition with Dowling for a starting spot and I’d give the edge to Dowling for sure. Not 100% guaranteed a spot as he might have been previously and will need to be in form. I don’t see Downes starting in the first Championship game really, Dowling might.

WOD will definitely be in with a shout of a start, depends how the lads go while he’s unavailable.

I wouldn’t be starting Dave Dempsey myself but obviously he did start last year. Don’t see Lynch starting either.

I know it’s a bit of a cliché but it really is a 20-man game now. You need to have subs that can come on and make an impact. And with more Championship games this year, having better depth in the panel is even more important.


Good post . Na P could have 1 starter or 6 depending on form , injuries , etc…


If Dowling and or Lynch don’t start you have no obvious free taker. Gillane could take the closer in ones but I don’t expect him to start and it’s an added pressure in his first year. Or Casey could take the close in ones and one of our half backs could hit all the 65s wide.


I’d expect Gillane to start this year.