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I think if Gillane doesn’t start, Dowling probably will. But I expect him to get plenty of chances in the league. We’ll see how he gets on. I wasn’t sure he’d be able for it, but he’s just a natural scoretaker and appears to be improving constantly.


Your an utter fool if you don’t think Gillane will be starting.




I’m not picking the team though.


Thank god for that.


I think Gillane is very likely to start. The only two forwards that may be currently ahead of him in the pecking oreder are Cian Lynch and Peter Casey


Ffs no one knows who will start come championship . it really is up to players to show form .

As things stand there should be very very few guaranteed starters based on last 2 years . Starting on Sunday , boys have a chance to lay down a marker .




:rofl: :rofl: oooooooooffffftttt


Hannon could be out for entire league from what ive heard,balls.


I posted this news the other day on this thread but my cryptic delivery might have muddied the waters.


We’re simpletons down here mate, I’d say leave the cryptic stuff for more sophisticated threads


Doesnt surprise me if thats true, he has had a number of fairly bad injuries with his hamstrings in the past. It does give someone else a chance to impress at 6, far from ideal though.


If Hannon is out of the league campaign then it basically puts us back to square one as in my opinion the one big positive from last season was that he hurled well there and looked like he could be the answer to our centre back problems with a bit more work and game time there


Id prefer Kyle Hayes there long term myself, Hannon was decent there last year without being spectacular.


While I think Kyle is the best centre-back in the county, it was a huge positive to have Hannon hurling at that level again and I would keep him there. I wasn’t convinced that it would work but it’s not an easy position to master and he did well, and I think he could improve further. I think he could do well at wing-back too. I’ve never seen Kyle play wing-back, but I’m sure he could do a good job there if it came to it.

Obviously both are injured now, I wouldn’t be against Hickey at centre-back in the interim. Dan Morrissey could be what Kiely goes for.


With both out, i’d honestly give Barry O’Connell a chance there with Byrnes and Hego either side of him. No harm trying it while Hannon/Hayes are out for the first couple of games in the league, Colin Ryan could also do a job either at 5 or 7. Dan Morrisey is another option, but id prefer to see BOC get a chance.



Hannon did great last year, he looked rejuvenated as a player, had his best season in years. If he’s fit and ready to go it’s one of the few positions on the team nailed down IMO.

We’re not that badly set for replacements. Presumably Byrnes and Hickey are two of the half back line. In a few of the league games hannon was wing back and hickey centre back before they settled on the other way around. I’d be happy with hickey there and he’s ready to step in.

Big fan of O’Connell, I thought he was the linchpin of that u21 team, would really like to see him get a few runs there. Not fully convinced by Morrissey yet. Hayes, Hegarty, Lynch and maybe Ryan are good options if we’re stuck.

Pity O’Mahony didn’t give it another year.


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