Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


The league has been a success. We’re up. Plenty of new lads blooded. May 20th is the next target.

Couldn’t give a monkeys about next weekend. I’d actually prefer to play them in Ennis.

Lynch has found his position. Midfield. He’s happier there and the team generally is all the better for it. That late point that put us a point up, fuck me.

Plenty of competition for places finally. Much of a muchness in many positions admittedly but things definitely looking up.

Goodbye 1B my old friend.


I can confirm there’s great camaraderie and togetherness on the journey home from Galway. Important to sew the seeds when wins like these come around, very well deserved.


Are you for real?


He actually is the daft cunt. :smile::smile:


This is fucked up


The last two years Limerick won League Q/f s so maybe a defeat will be no harm :sunglasses:,


The poor Hurlers haven’t a chance really with the level of simpleton following them around the Country hooping & hollering. :smile:


You’re getting carried with how carried away you think they’re getting.


^ Ah here come the voyeurs! :roll_eyes:

If ye think Limerick give a bollox about a League Quarter Final after today ye mustn’t have a notion. Mission accomplished, next week is irrelevant. They’ll go out and try and win but nobody is going to be too bothered if we don’t.


It is hard to get a team up for a game against Clare in March. You just don’t get hurling Harry :laughing:


Limerick’s sole aim for the league was promotion. I’m not sure what you find difficult about this?


I actually feel sorry for the lads togging out. I really do


Will you please ever fuck off and stop replying to me, you boring fanny boy cunt.


Talk to me when you are ‘back to Earth’ buddy


So we should be nonplussed about finally getting out of 1B so is it? Not allowed any bit of satisfaction??

Limerick’s win has you seething, it’s bizarre.




Was Hickey injured or what was the story today? Mixed feelings about all of the half back line. Byrnes has turned leathering harmless wides into an art form. Still an air of fragility about Hannon defensively although he is so assured on the ball. Morrissey has come on a tonne, but he still forces a sharp intake of breath when someone plays a short ball to him in a congested area. Luckily we are well stocked in the full-back line at the moment; Finn and English are absolute buzz saws of players.


You’re seething Harry Molloy, Limerick have you seething :pint:


God no.

It’s fucking hilarious how jazzed up some of ye apes get is all. Don’t ever change. :smile:


He’s cracking up … I’ve never seen the likes and Tipp not even involved. Very bizarre.