Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


His missus gave birth I think someone said on here last night.


Yeah it’s fucking weird alright when supporters of a team are satisfied when their team finally get out of the shit division they’ve been in for 7 years, very strange :roll_eyes:


The wife had twins during the week


Ye beat a team with about 5 weeks training done you gas cunt. :smile::smile:


I don’t understand the mindset about next week not mattering. Today was obviously the big one, finally getting promoted. But why do people want them promoted? So they can be playing the top teams week in week out. Win the quarter final and semi final and we’ll have had games against 4 of the top 4 teams in the country in successive weeks. Isn’t that what we all want so why is it now irrelevant this year? I think you’re underestimating the drive in these guys if you think they’ll be getting carried away after today and won’t perform as a result next week. We mightn’t beat Clare but I’d be surprised if its as a result of us being flat after today. The league and the new championship format is all about building momentum and being able to perform, week in, week out. I actually think they’ll be going all out to lay a marker on Clare next week


Jesus Christ lads ye aren’t Antrim or something. Its a league game ffs


It’s gas, you’d wonder why he’s even looking into this thread. His usual contribution of a few smiley faces was great though


Remarkable stuff. I’d say he’s sneering and laughing at you in particular as well.


It’s more the whole promotion thing fellas are satisfied about there pal :roll_eyes:




Yes, the last 3 All Irelands were won by teams in 1b. So what exactly is the big deal?
Satisfaction is one thing, OTT reaction is completely different
The bizarre thing is here is certain Limerick posters denial that they were shit in the first half.

Congrats on promotion buddy but if you really believe in this side you wanna temper the comments like ‘it’ll be hard to get up for next week against Clare’. Seriously, it’s like you’re begging for compliments on a run of the mill league result in March or something. That’s the last type of thing the players need to hear


Since you asked nicely, i will when you stop making a fool of yourself you fat fuck.


Spot on.


It’s just a simple observation that is 100% correct, I’m not sure why you’re so upset about it. Limerick achieved their league goals today, next week is a bonus, thems just the facts mate, don’t let it bother you.


Ye’re a lot more than satisfied. That’s not the point though. Fair play to them on a good win. Rather than walking on air after winning a league game and then getting well beat by Clare I’d say its much more likely they’ll have a good drink tonight, they’ll go back training Tuesday night, there’ll be a good buzz around the place and they’ll have a good cut off Clare at the weekend


Still not back to Earth I see




The view from the Limerick team bus tonight.


Ah this is hilarious stuff :smile: Lads are getting themselves all worked up at the thoughts that the Limerick players and management are very satisfied with gaining promotion today, achieving their goals for the League. The voyeurs and internal fanny boys want Limerick playing as if their very lives depend on it next Sunday and if they don’t they’ll be very very disappointed. It’s gas stuff.

On the one hand it’s only the league and stop getting carried away with it and on the other hand if they don’t go flat out next week then we’re a joke… ye’re all over the place lads! :pint:


Keep typing & editing these essay replies while repeating yourself, it’s hilarious. :smile: