Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Seething :pint:


Very strange post. Will you be going to the game next Sunday?


Yes I will. I go to every Limerick game that I can, including Challenge games. What’s your point?


I don’t see why you’d bother going to the game if you thought the players involved weren’t going to be trying their best


Limerick should be going all out to win next week and the week after against Tipp. In case people haven’t noticed winning games does a hell of a lot for confidence in a group. Limerick people need to get out of the mentality of being underdogs. The players don’t see themselves as underdogs so why should the supporters? Every game between here and May 20th is a chance to lay down a marker. We should have every team in Munster thinking they will have it up their holes to beat us. Rather than constantly trying to hide in the long grass why stand out in the open and say bring it on ye cunts.


:smile: this is lovely stuff. The boys are seething.


I never said the players involved wouldn’t be trying their best.


:thinking:@Breaking_my_balls style of posting is very reminiscent of chocolatemouse


We were both highly educated in the same college now that you mention it…


Tbf, I’d say this fella goes to matches so there cannot be a link.


You suggested that the players wouldn’t be going flat out next weekend




There’s a difference between not trying your best and the game simply not having the same importance as today’s match. I’m hoping you’re intelligent enough and have enough experience in playing to grasp this.


Doubtless you learned a lot together at college


Daly brought a winning mentality to a losing brand .


Trying your best means that you couldn’t possibly try harder. If you’re trying your best then the importance of the game doesn’t matter


You need to stop talking now.


:smile: Today was the game to win, getting up to 1A was the aim. Next week is simply less important to this team, this shouldn’t be very difficult to understand. It’s really upsetting you though isn’t it?




Well done to limerick today,my good old friend @Atticus_Finch will have loved that as he was definitely looking down on it.