Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


I know you mean well but sometimes you have to be quiet.


Yes mate, I’m absolutely seething that I’m interacting with some simpleton that doesn’t know what the word “best” means


He may have much to smile about in the coming years, buíochas


The Limerick C team will be going all out to win next week.


Every time I see limerick or a limerick person win something I always think of @Atticus_Finch as he was such a proud limerick man.He would be beaming today and I know he is.


That’s fucking some laugh… I don’t think you’ve been to a Tipp match since you joined the forum! :smile:



Chill the beans lads.


Okay guys, less of the off the ball hits please.


You can never beat those Clare cunts enough. Of course we’ll be up for it.


Congrats to Limerick


Woke up this morning feeling fine…


I’d say there’s lads here didn’t sleep with the seethe, fucking hilarious what TFK will do to a fella :joy:


Just catching up on the last 4 days of this thread, with the first half animosity from yesterday being the standout. Yer gas cunts lads, never change, there is no better thread on this forum.



Was there animosity? My phone was dead for most of the match - is it worth scrolling back?


Ah God yea, I cant remember which fellas as some of you boys blend into each other, but there was blood about to be spilled up til the second half. Tis all good clean fun, its a wonderful rollercoaster ride of a thread.


I watch the match again and thought that Limerick played with more composure in the first half.


I read this thread last evening before i knew the score, the first half was pure doom, lads and coaches getting lambasted from a height, then it suddenly turned around, interesting study.


Not a lot in it – few lads dropping a few shoulders out of frustration and a few home truths put on screen — i’ve seen a hell of a lot worse.


D[quote=“The_Most_Infamous, post:6910, topic:24401, full:true”]
No place for it whatsoever…murphy was lucky that he wasnt v badly hurt.
I love the hyperbole on here, but it was a slight jab in the nuts, not a finger or leg breaker, and touchy had his helmet pulled off near enough just before. There wasn’t much in it.
Hurling is getting very very difficult to referee though.