Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


There’s no defending that, bro.

Whether he was going for his gut and misplaced the jab, who knows – but he could have changed the young lads life forever there.

I tell you what - Galway didnt like it up em yesterday.


Slight jab ah stop it was a filthy dig into the balls he knew well what he was doing,by all means flake away between them all day but that goes well over the line.


I dont know what hurling is coming to if you can’t dig a hurley into a fellas goolies. The snowflakes are taking over.


Looking at the post game now and Paul Browne in particular looked delighted to finally win promotion after spending nearly all his years playing in 1B,the likes of himself,Richie and Hickey seem to be rejuvenated with the influx of all the younger lads.


Cant blame him for being delighted, must be some pain in the hole to be handing out trimmings to the likes of Antrim, Offaly and Laois year after year. Sheer and utter relief I’d imagine.


You wouldn’t understand what with you not having a pair.:grinning:


I got huge cojones mate. Swollen, bloated, massive.

I may need to get them looked at now that you mention it.


Id say it was some relief after all those close losses in the promotion play off games,it’s only the league but as you said it’s hard to keep motivated for last few years against the weaker teams year in and out.


Shur look, who the fuck would want to be playing against that sort of shite, when you could be having Saturday evenings in Semple, or PUC, or hosting Clare in the GG. Its a no brainer, if you can, why wouldn’t you want to be doing that.


Important too we are promoted on merit rather than losing and going up with a potential league restructure,I could imagine the severe ball hopping and winding done on here if that happened but fuck it we are there now!


I think a lot of the voyeurs here are losing the run of themselves here . Most Lk folk know yesterday was a good win by a young enthusiastic team versus a team way way behind in preparation . It was a important step for this team . Galway looked rusty and a little unfit even when 8 up . There was one period in 1st half after 20 mins approx when the camera honed in on Conor Whelan and he looked well gassed .


We fought like cats and dogs for a while there in the first half but we turned it around and the juggernaut is on it’s way.


Ye fought like a family of tinkers, who then around half time noticed another shower of tinkers disrespect them, so you turned on them then and celebrated your victory long into the night.


Are you allowed to use the word “tinker” on here?


We ARE a family of tinkers . Real fighting men .


I’m from Laois, we dont pronounce our TH’s.


Is there a civic reception or any sort of home coming tonight where we can get our photo taken with the cup?


They are in the four elms now and will be over in Herberts for the afternoon.
Plans undecided for tomorrow as want a pub with a bookies nearby to keep the bets analog.


Iron Mikes would be perfect but there aren’t enough Kilmallock men on the team to justify it.


Kiely says we’ll be going all out next weekend so a few of the voyeurs and the Caherdavin fanny boy who didn’t sleep last night with the seethe can relax a bit :smile: