Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


So you were wrong then?


In the cold light of day, it was a great win and will be fantastic for confidence. As for the performance, there is a lot to work on.

First of all the wides. You would hope that some of these will turn into scores as they sharpen up but Byrnes blazing it wide from out the field is becoming a big issue. You have Flanagan inside who scored 5 from play and Murphy turning his man inside out and Byrnes is bating it over their heads. I’d drop him just to give him a kick up the hole if there was an adequate replacement. He’s very strong & good in the air, just needs to work on his decision-making.

He wasn’t the only one though, there were shots from Gillane, Browne & Morrissey that just weren’t the right options and that is something that’s only going to get harder as things intensify.

Hannon, for a man of his talent, delivered some very poor ball at times. His man did score 1-4 but it’s not all down to him. Very hard to hold the middle and stop a roaming centre-forward.

The half-forward line struggled at times in the first half, but came into it. Reidy had a bit of a disaster tbh but he came back strong. A serious sharpshooter, hit two points in the second half when his confidence could have been low and also set up Kyle’s goal with an excellent run.

The much-vaunted Galway full-forward line only scored 3 from play. Our full-back line were superb, goal aside.

It was nice to see us creating goal chances too. Kyle really should have had another and there was at least one other time where we opened them up and had men over.

Subs made a big impact, both Mulcahy and Pat Ryan’s scores were very well-taken.

And it was a great sight to see Cian Lynch galloping through the heart of the Galway defence in the 69th minute to give us the lead. We look a lot fitter than this time last year.


I am of the opinion Paul Browne was very poor yesterday. I thought he really struggled with the physical aspect in both halves. I would like to have a look at Ronan Lynch or Will O’Donoghue.


Everyone is still writing us off - saying Galway didnt care and were unfit – They are all laughing at us.

We’ll show them.


The funny thing is, last year Galway limped past half a Waterford side trying to chuck a game and went on to win the All Ireland. Galway are good but not unbeatable.


I suppose the other thing is we cannot go 18 minutes without a score at any time. We’ve had those kind of droughts too often over the past few years. I know Galway had the same trouble in the second half, but usually, if that happens, you’re fucked.

The fact we still scored 2-18 or whatever it was and went that long without scoring is impressive but going forward, we need to maintain consistency.


No surprise there.


@Julio_Geordio, how are the official player ratings coming along?


I didn’t think he was poor, but heavy ground certainly doesn’t suit Browne. I’m a fan of Browne, there’s hardly a player in the country that covers as much ground as him I’d say. Still worried that our midfield is very lightweight and could get blown out of it. O’Donovan next in line here is another quality player but very light, and if O’Donovan starts at half forward with Lynch and Browne we could be horsed out of it altogether.

Lynch and O’Donoghue two lads that might have had a chance of working their way into a starting place if they’d been there all year that will probably lose out now.


Lads Ronan Lynch is a lot of things but he isn’t an inter county midfielder. Come on. Best used as a spare man in the backs or possibly a centre forward.


My revised championship team:

N. Quaid
S. Finn
R. McCarthy
R. English
D. Morrissey
D. Hannon
D. Brynes
C. Lynch
W. O Donoghue
K. Hayes
P. Casey
G. Hegarty
B. Murphy
S. Flanagan
A. Gillane.


Also while I think Peter casey is an absolute class act his formed dipped after naps in 2016 and had a poor year for his club and 21s. Maybe best to manage his minutes this year.


Lads. In fairness to ye. This thread is the GOAT !!!


Would you fuck off back to picking horses my young man.


If you are worried about Cian Lynch being blown out of it then Ronan Lynch is not the answer.

I actually don’t think it’s an overly light midfield. Lynch has become very aggressive this year and again horsed a Galway lad out over the sideline yesterday. Usually comes out of any ruck he goes into with the ball. Darragh O’Donovan is no light-weight either. Would agree that Browne didn’t have his best outing yesterday, guilty of taking too much out of the ball a few times. If you want to add a bit of brawn to it, McCarthy putting in a claim for no.3 opens up possibilities in the middle for Hickey & Dan Morrissey. I would leave it alone for the moment though.


What’s wrong with my team?


You have Peter Casey centre forward.


No I don’t think Ronan Lynch is a good candidate for midfield, I think he is a live option for wing back or half forward. His use of the ball, link up play and accuracy would be an asset in either line.

Hickey should go back half back where he was good last year. Don’t think Morrissey has the mobility for midfield.


That’s always a Limerick thing. We are never able to keep a scoreboard ticking over.


Ya in-between the two towers. He’s lovey nifty foot work and is very good in the air. He’d cause a six all sorts of problems. Something similar to richie hogan.