Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


DOD is a Kiely favourite and with good reason. Aggression, pace and chips in with the odd score. Works like a dog generally. Would imagine he’ll be number 11 in the championship.


Doon will backbone this team :astonished:


I wouldn’t replace Byrnes with Hickey because he’s also not that good in possession. And Morrissey is doing well in that regard, playing heads-up hurling. Tbh I think Kiely will stick with Hickey at 3 even though Richie was good at the weekend.

As for Browne, would agree he wasn’t great at the weekend but I’m a big fan and would have faith. It’s a pity WOD isn’t available, as I wouldn’t mind seeing him against Clare.

As for Casey, I would say it’s more likely Kiely would move Murphy out to 11 than put Casey there. It’ll be interesting though because DOD was flying too before his injury.


Home draw, Sunday at 4pm. Bring it on ta fuck!



Kiely sticking with Hickey would be my worry too, but if Richie is at his best he’s our best option at full back and it frees up hickey for half back where he is needed. Better use of resources. Hickey at least tries to do the right thing with the ball, Byrnes isn’t even doing that at the moment. I think Byrnes will come good, but I think he needs a wake up call and the timing is right.

In the absence of a standout candidate for 11 right now I’d be looking at Hayes for summer. We’re not sophisticated enough to play some sort of small nippy roaming centre forward. Agree Murphy more likely for 11 than Casey, but I’d pick neither there. Tom Morrissey has done enough to keep that spot for the next game though.


Interview with Deccie Hannon on “The GAA hour” podcast. Analysis courtesy of Cheddar who comes across as a lovely man.


Some coup for the lad to get cheddar on.
Would he have an inside track there?


I was just thinking that earlier that the Doon boys are having a very good league. At the start of the league I didn’t think any would start come championship but the four of them are playing themselves into contention. English has been excellent, will be very interesting when Casey returns. Donovan had a few good performances before his injury. Murphy has kind of come from nowhere, even up to yesterday I thought he might still be a bit lightweight and was getting easily beaten to the first few balls that came into him but was excellent after that. One thing he needs to add to his game now is a little more selfishness, his first instinct is to look for a pass. I’m not sure if this is a confidence thing. A few of the na piarsaigh players are still probably a bit ahead of him but a few more performances like yesterday and he becomes difficult to drop. Pat Simon is looking like he could become a man to be sprung from the bench consistently to inject a bit of pace.
I’d say since Willie Moore who has an all ireland medal from 73 in his arse pocket Doon haven’t really had a consistent starter for Limerick


What’s the general view down Shannonside. Will they go all out or are they not too pushed now that promotion has been achieved?


If we can put together 15 lads who are sober after a week of touring the county we have every chance.


Cheddar came across v well. A proper hurling man and a gent.


The general view is that we will walk it.


Clare at home is ideal, 50/50 game…fancy Limerick if we cut out half the wides.


Not like ye


Workin Sunday the wireless will have to suffice.


Nor likely


I’m not sure how much of a benefit it will be to advance to the final tbh but another game wouldn’t hurt either team. There’s a view still that McInerney will be needed in the full back line and that Shanahan should be included somewhere so Clare have a few things to work on yet.


Clare have it all to do


They’ve done better than your predictions of losing every game anyway