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Weren’t they strolling to victory at half time in the abandoned game?

I’d be annoyed enough in that situation.


I agree mate. Limerick have never got the best out of him. I was always waiting him to cut loose in championship and bang in a goal or 2. But it never materialised with the game we played. He used to work like a trojan but was rarely put into space. If Casey doesn’t start I’d like to see GM start. His movement, work rate and touch is very good and he is well able to take a score. He’d thrive on the diagonal low ball ye speak of and for his size is a tuff lad.


Limerick got in a few times v Clare and Tipp. Hayes chance v Clare springs to mind but I don’t think he was on long. We are creating chances that is a plus but we have to take them and that’s the worry and the key. Kk for example would be out of sight once they got a sniff.


Does anyone remember GM against Tipperary in Semple Stadium in 2011? We had Tipp beaten that day until they drew Conor o Brien off the bench to “quieten” GM. GM has the bit of experiance now to deal with that and has retained most of his pace. GM must start.


Holy Jaysus that was 7 years ago. Why not dig Mick Mackey up. He played great against Tipp in 38.


Dowling started that day? He is right though GM is still very quick and still has that pace.


He’s had some great days and he works hard but he’s also had days where his efforts haven’t returned anything.

The day we had wexford tanked above in Thurlas nice and early he was woeful. I don’t mind a greedy forward if he is scoring but taking on hopeless shots for points and hitting them wide on the near side with lads inside unmarked in front of goal… we have lacked a ruthlessness for a long time and that kind of caper is symptomatic of why we haven’t been successful.

On his day when hIs dander is up he can be brilliant but we don’t see it enough. Perhaps being dropped will spark him up a bit.


Did you see his goal v Tipp. Ruthless.


It was ruthless and he’s scored a few over the years. Poor service inside and playing out around the middle aside, he has a tendancy to drift through games as a corner forward we rely on for scores. For a player of his genuine quality I’d like to see more from him. Consistent ruthlessness if you will!


With the squad depth and forward options Limerick now posses I reckon the county board should put forward a motion to Croke Park to increase team size to 16.


I look forward to a few hundred posts picking the best 16


We’re like the Dublin football team with the forwards we have.


Was it GM who put the ball over the bar against Tipp in the League QF a few weeks back when we had a 3 on 2 overlap? A goal there and we’d have taken them. Think it was highlighted on the Sunday game after?


It was. He was just after coming on.


You’re surely referring to Kevin Downes here no? Must have hit 6 wides in that game, can’t remember Mulcahy doing the same.

Two poor auld games in Thurles that day, I had a fair amount of sauce taken on board.


Kevin Downes was disappointing throughout that year in 2014. But I like the look of him this year for Na Piarsaigh, he looks like he’s full of spunk




He’s playing with a bit of anger and a fuck you attitude. All our boys will need full sacks for the Tipp game


Funnily enough he was doing great from general play in that game, won everything that came near him and then put simple shots wide, 3 or 4 I’d say. At one stage he chased down a short puck out to the full back and forced a bad pass to the corner back, he chased down the corner back and forced a bad pass back to the full back, tackled the full back and won the ball off him and then tipped a simple shot wide from 20 yards. An awful finish to incredible play. He was taken off then. I remember thinking they should have left him on til he finally put one over and then taken him off, his confidence was gone again for the kk game and he didn’t touch a ball in it.


Monaleen players more interested in ponies and pints than kicking points in appears.