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Yeah, I edited that after realising it was only 9.

Will O’Donoghue has come into the reckoning at half back. Was one of the few bright lights in the recent challenge against Dublin. Both Richie and Mike Casey may well be named as subs and J. Kiely has great time for Barry O’Connell too.

As much as a manager might like to pick on form, the first game of the 4-game series is the only one you’ll have time to plan for. That’s why I feel the team for the Tipp game has been settled for a while. Injuries, possible suspensions and loss of form may all play a part. Upwards of 27-28 players will see gametime during this Munster championship.


I’d be very surprised if either reidy or o Connell aren’t ahead of the likes of downes on the subs bench.


Ah yeah; I’ve seen it happen like that before. In my experience, what usually happens is all the great ideas that you have planned out in your head, and the meticulous planning for the week ahead crumble by half-time in the first game :joy: I’m sure it’s different at the highest level though.

I know the NaP lads rate WOD as a centre-back quite highly, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play wing-back or would even have considered him.

I really hope BOC gets in, he’s been playing the best hurling of his career over the past 18 months imo, but Pat Simon/Dowling/Murphy/Nash/Dempsey/Reidy is serious competition. Some players will get a chance due to injury/suspension as you say, and will have the chance to seize it and maybe seal up a spot.


I really like O’Connell and was surprised he didn’t get a run at half back last year, more surprised he was dropped altogether.


Any chance Dowling wont make the match day squad?




If Casey was fit he probably wouldn’t.




You were telling us downes would start and he isnt in the 24. If Casey was fit it would probably be a decision between Dempsey and Dowling. It’s quite possible nash has moved ahead of Dowling at 14.


You’re full of shit, zero chance that Dowling isn’t in tne match squad, not a fucking hope


This is a gift for my LK friends.

Back Seamie Callanan for MOTM asap. He is going to do untold. Price is decent now so get on. :wink::+1:


It’s unlikely now with Casey injured. The fact he’s a good a freetaker will always count in his favour.


On a separate note, Na Piarsaigh are looking for a new Bar Manager.
Full time position.

Anybody interested?


Seriously mate, it’s ridiculous to suggest that Dowling isn’t in a current matchday squad no matter who is or isn’t available




All nap players were at massive disadvantage due to their involvement with the club all Ireland series.


Obviously, but what sort of dope of a manager would go into a vital championship match without his most obvious gamechanger


I doubt it, what do you think?


Ah now lads, even if Casey was available; Dowling would certainly be on the bench. I would say that it’s Reidy that he’s in competition with really. Maybe Dempsey at a push.


In fairness to Dowling, and I’m not saying he’s going to start, but he’s the only forward we have that’s proven himself at county level. He has to be in the shake up. Greame Mul has as well but although form has deserted him a bit in the last few years, seems to be motoring well now