Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Not one of the limerick players has proven themselves as a top class intercounty hurler.


Pat Simon will be on the bench I’ve no doubt.


Dowling should be a starter and probably will be by the time our season ends. He’s probably our only player you’d back to make a goal if we needed one. Questioning whether he’ll make the match day squad is hilarious.

Anyway it’ll be great when the team is named and we can start arguing about what order the subs should be brought on.


Why should Dowling start?


For too long under previous managers lads were starting based on reputation. Kiely clearly gives lads a chance and rewards lads who perform for them.


Because they could do with winning, he’s been blackguarded by the structure of the season, he may not start next week due to some sort of dumb loyalty but he’ll be a big part of the remaining games,


Dowling hasn’t performed to the level Flanagan has in the last four years. He deserves his chance.


What happened with yer man Barry that’s there with yonks? Only after doing the place up and all.


Flanagan will have his chance next week, good luck to him, but whether it’s his spot or not I’d be shocked if Dowling didn’t start most of the remaining games, and I still think Downes will play a part as well


Yes but you have to admit you are an awful judge. You get too worked up about other people’s opinions. You were saying 5 nap players would start in December, it was downes a month ago and now it’s dowling. You are like glas with your blinkers on. You don’t look at things objectively.


I think the most important thing is that we’ll have a very strong team out, with every sub expected to make it. The lads are fired-up, raring to go but also confident.

It’s not going to be easy; every single match in Munster will be a battle but we’re going to be extremely hard to beat. We’ve had a couple of bad summers in a row, I think this will be a good one. Cannot wait.


Rubbish, I’m 100% objective, I’ve no link whatsoever with NaP,
You took an awful lot of notice of something I don’t remember saying in December, that’s 5 or 6 times now you’ve brought it up in recent weeks, I didn’t foresee Limerick going so well in the league and hadn’t expected a few of the newer ladsto go as well as they have, at the time I probably felt that the two Casey’s and Dowling would be certainties and that a couple of others would fill some problem positions, having seen Downes play twice over in tne GG for NaP I definitely thought that he was looking as good as he had in years,
You’re suggestion this morning was nuts though


Bizarre comment even from you🤔. While I wish Flanagan the best next Sunday and hope he does untold he couldn’t make the U21 team last year and playing at a lower level with his club. Dowling is proven at inter county all the others are unproven cause they haven’t got a chance to date. Simple logic that is lost on you.


There’s a top top poster lining up a big one here, hope I’m not in the firing line


His point is he knows more about it than you, which he clearly does, as he and others laughed at your assertions of 5 Na P players starting. They have only one guaranteed starter, Peter Casey.

Shane Dowling is a class act who I’ve defended on here to the hilt in the past. However, I said way back in the league that if you looked carefully at how Limerick are now playing that he doesn’t fit in anywhere. His role will be coming in at 14 when the game has settled down a bit. He isn’t starting because others deserve to start ahead of him, that’s the truth.

There is already an undercurrent around the county regarding wanting Dowling in for Flanagan. This sums up everything wrong with Limerick Hurling. Seamus Flanagan has had a phenomenal impact for a player from a West Limerick club who were Junior A 4 years ago and who couldn’t get a game with our U21s last year. If he was from a bigger club or more importantly a different division, this attitude wouldn’t exist. But he’s from the West, so he can hardly keep Dowling out of the team. Everyone accepts he has done enough to start but they’re kinda waiting for him to have an off day so they can get Dowling back in. Same stuff not being said about other players


Were discussing the here and now. Not 2014. Flanagan was brilliant in the league as we finally gained promotion out of 1b. Something the panel between 2011 and 2017 couldn’t achieve.


The Dowling/Flanagan debate is bad but the one that drives me insane how every clown in the county wants Dan morrissey dropped even though he should be the first person on the team sheet. An example for every young hurler in the county.


Are we taking this game seriously at all?
300 posts since the 21 game about shane dowling.

TBFT shane he is box office.


I hadn’t read this as I was writing my essay of a post but thanks for highlighting my exact point


It doesn’t matter a fuck where any player is from, and I’m pretty sure Kiely thinks that too.

But you’re right, of course in that Dowling doesn’t really fit in as a starter in the way that we have been playing in 2018, from January right through to the Tipp League game. Personally, if there was an injury to a couple of players, I could maybe see him starting at 11 but I’d much prefer him as a sub; he will cause havoc. In the 3 League matches worth anything though, Flanagan has been really really good, he’s fitted in so well; I wouldn’t have predicted that at the start of the year.

But yeah… there’s been a lot of talk about one player, Shane Dowling. This is a serious Limerick team, all over the pitch. We’re ready for Tipp.