Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Mate, seriously now, what I said back in December was during a throwaway discussion, it was December ffs sake,

I’ve stated my reasons, I still think at least 5 different NaP players will start games this year
But I am 100% neutral, I might not be as familiar as others but I’ll call it as I see it, you couldn’t be asking me to stay away from one of the best threads on the web?


The first thing I’d look for next Sunday is if every player is 100 percent fit, if every lad is working his bolox off to hook, block and fight for every single ball. After that you can’t complain too Much. For too often in Limerick we glorify lads with ability unwilling to prepare themselves properly and unwilling to work in the team. That’s what makes the likes of Kyle Hayes and Hegarty special for me.


I don’t hear any undercurrent from people wanting Flanagan dropped. If you look at teams picked here most people have him in. Of the starting forwards from the league Murphy is the one most people think will struggle to make the team.


The question is why do people want murphy dropped? He’s a low profile, he isn’t in the papers looking for attention, he’s industrious and he’s very skillful. He’s been given his chance and taken it. Yet you’ve lads looking for him to disregarded for people who’ve had umpteen chances over the last five years and never took their chances.


I’ve great time for him but he doesn’t score. I wouldn’t be starting him personally because of that


It sounds like you have a strong source within the panel pal,the confidence is bursting through your last few posts!


Based on our league performances you could only be very positive. For the first time in years you are expecting a performance not hopeful of one.


No source really, certainly no inside track but I’ve bumped into a few panellists/backroom types over the last week or so and they seem quietly confident.

I mean, obviously it would be a serious worry if they didn’t think they could win but the air of quiet assurance has really impressed me and by all accounts, they’re training very well. And if they feel they’re going better than they were in the League, that can only be a good thing.


Indeed,I see the Tipp lads over on Premier view are looking to put Limerick hurling back in our box,they had best mind their fingers in trying to do so.


James McGrath the ref next Sunday.




A free flowing timber fest so


Must set up an account over there and wind the fuck out of some of those conts over there.


If we base everything on league form, then the NaP lads havent a hope. The current structure forced Kiely to plan for the league without them and build his style of play to suit what he had at the time.

I would personally make every effort to start Shane Dowling. I think he is as close to a proven inter-county performer as Limerick have, but I can see why Kiely might not. Flanagan has been excellent in the league and is in flying form.

However, were we to face a situation of being 5-6 points down with a quarter of an hour to go, there’s no current Limerick hurler I’d rather spring from the bench than Dowling. I think it’s madness to even consider not having him on the match-day panel.


Dowling will be a great impact sub.


Hell get his twenty minutes if we’re in trouble. For Sure.




They’re going to bate ye up & down the Ennis Road :sunglasses:


I haven’t seen anyone suggest Flanagan be dropped for this game, or Dan Morrissey. The young lad is demented. It’s also mad to suggest that there are no players starting based on reputation, there are players whose form has been indifferent to downright poor all league who are starting. They have the talent though and have performed in the past so the hope/expectation is they’ll step up for championship.


:point_up: Well there’s one for a start @glasagusban @Peejaymc. As I said, a lot of people accept Flanagan has to start but there is a “we’ll wait and see how he goes” attitude, basically they can’t wait to get Dowling in for him. They fail to see this completely changes how we play.