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There’s lads here hoping Flanagan plays badly so they’ll be proven right.


If he plays badly next Sunday I’d still persist with him. One poor display should not see us abandon the style of play, which is what you do if you replace Flanagan with Dowling because Dowling can’t do what Flanagan does, despite being an excellent player




He didn’t suggest Flanagan be dropped for the game. It’s entirely reasonable to question whether any player should start or what position they start in, it’s called discussion. Also, expressing doubts about how a player will go is not the same as wanting to see them fail. For example, I’m a huge fan of Hickey, he starts every time for me, but I don’t think he is a good full back and I would not play him there. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong.


It’s more glaringly obvious to say that Flanagan can’t do what Dowling can


Which is?


Ffs sake


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See I think that’s the problem again; you’re talking about what they can do as individuals, whereas he’s talking about the role that we have been asking our full-forward to do to further the team.

It’s not the same thing.


Flanagan allows us switch seamlessly from a two man full forward line if needed. His ability to win long diagonal balls and pace to turn and run at defenders are what makes him so key to the system.


Sorry mate, my tongue was halfway into my cheek in fairness


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I never said he said he wanted Flanagan dropped. Read my post and the earlier original one properly.


You were saying something about wanting Flanagan to fail to get Dowling back in. I don’t think anyone wants that.


It’s more a belief that Dowling should be in there instead of him as opposed to hoping he’d fail. Talking to lads around the county that’s the feeling. I disagree with it as it ignores what Flanagan adds to the team and concentrates on the players individual strengths


But sure that’s what half of sports discussion is about. Ronaldo or Messi? They’re different. Both brilliant. You can take either view. It’s not wrong.


Oh everyone is entitled to their view. But not one person advocating for Dowling to eventually be placed at 14 has acknowledged it fundamentally changes the style of play. Dowling can’t play the role. So you can have Dowling at 14 alright but don’t be surprised if the forward line doesn’t look as threatening or turns over the same amount of ball, creates space for each other, has the same work ethic, etc


When will the team be announced? Thursday or Friday I assume?


Of course they are different players. Dowling is an excellent provider for players around him but he isn’t one for turning and running at defences which is a massive strength of Flanagan. Dowling played wing forward all last year so to say he can’t move out to leave a two man full forward line for a period is silly. Sure we’ll see how they get on. In fairness, Flanagan couldn’t get a handier introduction than having Barry marking him :sunglasses:


I think the build up to the goal we scored in the Dublin league game showed what Flanagan brings to the party. He’s out in front, turns the defender, burns him, creates havoc for the other backs and then lays off the pass (think he laid it off to Murphy who was fouled for the penalty which was subsequently buried by Gillane).

The one thing defenders hate is pure pace. Flanagan starts on merit for me. Still only a young lad so I’m not going to slaughter him if it doesn’t happen for him against Tipp. I think he’d fare up better against Barry and pose more problems due to his athleticism.

Against a side like Waterford with all their extra defenders I think Dowling could be a better option when there’s no option but to bypass De Burca and fuck it in long.