Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Not tonight Boxty. They’re too busy knocking seven shades of shite out of each other on the penalty thread


How are limerick fixed for the big ball Saturday night


We’ll be beaten a point a man.


How many more different teams will you name before the championship?


Clare -4 looks the bet of the weekend.

There has been little enough between the sides in the last few championship matches but this is the weakest Limerick football side in 20 odd years. Hard to see them beating Clare or even winning a qualifier against anyone.


That’s the starting team mate.


Very good championship supplement on yesterday’s examiner .

Anthony Daly had a piece on Lk hurling and reckons an all Ireland is winnable by 2020 .


2020 will be our year?


2020 vision ???


We’ll be going for three in a row by 2020


God bless our livers




Daly loves getting a rise out of Limerick.

Tries to kill us with kindness.


A rise ??? More like a pay rise .


To think we have forwards of the caliber of Dowling, nash, Dempsey, Casey, downes and Murphy sitting in the stand on Sunday is something else. In fact last year you could argue four of those would have been guaranteed starters. The talent in the county is unreal.


Yes . All those names are proven IC forwards over the last few years . Nothing proved year at this level ( bar Dowling )


It’s all coming together nicely.


Only five more sleeps!


Who can sleep with all this excitement


Thanks Anthony- you useless cunt