Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Has Newcastlewest ever produced a hurler of any note? Absolutely shameful how a big town like that produces such a non existent hurling return. It’s areas like that the CB should be targetting.

The whole thing needs a root and branch review but the vision just isn’t there to lay out say a 10/20 year plan the sport in the west. We’ve politicians in the important positions, rather than visionaries and goal setters. The same lads running the west board that were there when I was playing as a child. The annoying thing is that the support is there among the ordinary club members if the thing takes off but there’s such apathy and lethargy there at the moment. So many clubs just drifting along and surviving rather than trying to be successful and thrive.

As a county we’re failing miserably, despite the odd underage title and the blowing about how professional the academy is. (“Professional” = throwing money at well remunerated outside coaches.)

You look at Tipp and how they’ve set targets to win AI football titles in a certain timeframe. People will scoff at them, including some of their own but at least there’s some ambition there. We’ve nothing. Hoping for success rather than acknowledging that the game is on its deathbed in large swathes of the county.

Sad to see proper traditional clubs like Croom, Kileedy, Tour, Knockaderry and others at such a low ebb and not much sign of things improving.


For what it’s worth, Killeedy beat Feenagh/Kilmeedy by 7 and top their group.

Tournafulla & Monagea in the other group but I really like the look of Killeedy this year.


Don’t go antagonising me with a lot of beer on board. Glory…


Monagea looked to be the best team we faced this year by a stretch but if they lost herlihy they’d be quenched


I did see Monagea play aswell, and I thought they were good too. Well-organised, and have been there or thereabouts for a couple of years.

I just think Killeedy have that extra bit of firepower. But yeah, I don’t think there would be much in it either way if the two were to play.


I take your point about looking at the past in rose tinted glasses but it is utterly indisputable that hurling in west Limerick is in a much worse place than 30 years ago .

Back then many of these clubs were fielding two teams , no where near as many walkovers and clubs stood alone .




Killeedy have 2 excellent forwards in Paudie and Jack Aherne. Cathal Mullane is also a fine player but picked up a nasty eye injury earlier in the year, not right since. I wouldn’t go near backing them for the County though, there’s a serious suspicion of a soft underbelly there and a lot of their players are quite average.

Feenagh/Kilmeedy by all accounts were looking very strong in the League campaign but seemed to have imploded a bit. Trouble in the camp again I wonder?

Rathkeale are the dark horses for the West in my opinion. The pace they have all throughout their team is frightening, and since they’ve started training properly for the Hurling they’ve beaten Feenagh. They finished the Killeedy game much the stronger team from what I saw and they’d little or nothing done at the time. Ger Hegarty training them.


Cian Magnier Flynn might be carrying a bit of weight but he’s a natural goalscorer with a good paw on him. He’ll do damage against most teams.

And they have a reasonably good half-back line who try and feed the dangermen.

Jack Aherne is a seriously skilful player, must be one of the most naturally talented players at that grade.

Rathkeale may have pace & fitness, but they’ll be doing very well to beat both Monagea & Tournafulla as well as Killeedy to win a West Championship, which they’d probably have to do.


The final sentence of that post will be the reason why Rathkeale won’t win anything.


Is getting a good response from them at the moment anyway. Feenagh/Kilmeedy were everyone’s favourites for the West until Rathkeale came along and beat them. They were missing Paul White and Damien Quaid that night aswell, 2 of their best lads.

Monagea and Tour still the sides to beat back West. Monagea a bit too reliant on Herlihy though, Tour much more balanced and have a better panel than most if not having that one outstanding forward you tend to see a lot of teams have at that level


Kilmeedy will have a falling out with each other once the heat turns up they’ve no chance.


Already happened!!


Earlier than usual so this year.


West hurling has been fucked over by the structure of the junior A for a long time. At one stage there were twelve teams in the west and only 3 or 4 in the the other sides. It’s evened up a bit recently but still lopsided. Teams get stuck down there forever and if your making no progress it’s impossible to keep it going. Any team that gets up to intermediate is well able to hold their own once promoted. Should be two up two down and on an all county basis.




This is true. Killeedy, Tour, Monagea, Feenagh/Kilmeedy (while a united bunch!) would all be comfortable and competitive at Intermediate. County League results show this. I would also argue that Rathkeale, Askeaton and Templeglantine are better or as good as a few of the weaker Intermediate sides and though they’d find the jump difficult they’d have a chance to stay up.

Croagh are gone to shit completely, dunno what’s going on there at all.

Knockaderry are in the shit because some key players are not available for whatever reasons. I think a few of them aren’t too enamoured with Pat Davoren as coach but ffs if they drop down they’ll face a fair battle to come back up. They’re a side that’s ageing a bit and their involvement with Deel Rangers super amalgamation has backfired imo. Hanley not playing any Hurling this year and isn’t injured.

Kierans always look set for the drop but just about survive every year. I think Drom/Broadford should have enough to survive too. Knockaderry could be in trouble.


Feenagh/Kilmeedy were at intermediate level last year, and got relegated without winning any games. Christians were the only side they even got close to (and Kieran’s in the relegation final). So I don’t know about them being comfortable at intermediate.

I think a couple of the others teams are better suited.


Feenagh/Kilmeedy last year had a lot of problems. There was a lot of lads not playing due to rows going on in the club. They were a bit of a shambles. They cleared the air last winter, got everyone back on board and looked very impressive earlier in the year, physically very strong and a fine big panel to pick from. They looked to be a bit stronger than the other West sides. Whatever has happened since I don’t know but they seem to have imploded again. From what I’m told in house fighting has been a bit of an issue there on and off for years


Always are bit of that there . Sound bunch of people there. A great tradition there too.