Liveline thread


Best 15 mins of radio I’ve ever listened to :clap:


This is better than the time people claimed that the GAA would have blood on its hands for starting the Clare-Cork replay at 5pm.


Bernadette…Bernadette? BERNADETTE!!!


“These people are completely out of touch”, says Pat, who listened to his first All-Ireland final on radio 75 years ago.


Pat was also shocked to hear that he’d have to get a Sky subscription to watch an All Ireland final.


What in the blazes to people want, do they want everything for free?!

Hon ya boya :clap:


CLUBS ARE IN DEBT, COUNTY BOARDS ARE IN DEBT, THIS IS THE REALITY OF IT - The Gee Eh Eh are already providing hundreds of matches free of charge. What in the blazes do people want, do they want everything for free? says stubborn Pat from Cork


I watch every game Saturday and Sunday for free.

Setanta must be free now.


And the first ad at the ad break is for Sky :clap:


Out come the big guns. Charlie Chawke pays €14k a year for Sky Sports in the Goat Grill.


Excellently played by SKY :clap:

The Goat grill play nearly 14k per year for the Sky. I presume this cost won’t go up now the GAA has come under the umbrella.


Charlie Chawke at the Goat Grill pays 500 a month and 14,000 a year for the Sky.


Charlie having a right cut off Nicky Brennan here.


Charlie would like you to know that The Goat is available for Christenings and Confirmations.


Charlie is providing a community service through his pubs.

“We are very upstanding operators.”


Volunteer Nowlan Park steward Nicky Brennan represents the very worst excesses of the Grab All Association, you’d have to say.


Charlie chawke is an alright sort


“My 94 year old mother who’s consigned to the home lives for the matches and is a better analyst that anyone on the TV Joe”


Maureen in Kildare is delighted 14 games will be shown abroad.


The gaa & sky could not buy this much advertising. Well done to Joe & rte