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[QUOTE=“Horsebox, post: 1124640, member: 1537”]Or cunts that watch Liverpool matches on tv and constantly harp on about Hillsborough and how they feel their pain. Fucking cretins.[/QUOTE]
Irish lads going on about Hillsborough grinds my gear- fuck off ye cretins. Yeah, comment on the tragedy, but wearing it as a badge of honour is sickening shit.


[QUOTE=“Sidney, post: 1124600, member: 183”]My parents have the same first names as Karen Buckley’s parents. I really should have rung up myself to share in the victimhood.[/QUOTE]

Well, you do support the Liverpool soccer ball team so you’ll be well versed in sharing the victim hood. YNWA


[QUOTE=“Rocko, post: 1124575, member: 1”] This James Buckley’s daughter is fine but because of the coincidence he knows a little of what the other Buckley family have been [B]growing [/B]through.[/QUOTE]

For fuck sake @Rocko


[QUOTE=“thedancingbaby, post: 1124623, member: 48”]Barbara Scully not exactly treating like with like either


Imagine the abuse this chick got from her mates when her mother fooked off back home. Flying halfway across the globe for a cut hand FFS sake.


[QUOTE=“ChocolateMice, post: 1124636, member: 168”]We love that craic in Ireland- An earth quake in kathmandu and RTE wheel out some fella that was there 5 years ago for 2 days and is very lucky to have left 5 years ago or it could have been him- He knows how the locals are feeling tho and can empathize totally.[/QUOTE]
Cathal O’Searcaigh was unavailable


[QUOTE=“TheUlteriorMotive, post: 1124634, member: 2272”]What a pointless article - your kid being violently murdered being not a good thing is self evident.

She undermines any suspicion that she actually has any empathy for the parents by drawing a comparison and inferring an equivalence between an accidental cut hand and a murder.

if she had any self awareness or empathy she would have dropped the anecdote and in fact not written the article[/QUOTE]

that genre is typical of independent newspapers tho
it is more pornographic in the sunday version but the modus operandi of wheeling out some no mark who wants to get their name in lights with their “experience” is a regualr feature of their style


[QUOTE=“Special Olympiakos, post: 1124652, member: 366”]Cathal O’Searcaigh was unavailable[/QUOTE]

Otherwise detained?


Olive Halpin from the Ray of Sunshine foundation talking about the great voluntary charity work done by Derek Davis. “His loss is incalculable to us.” What a thorough gentleman he was.


A tremendous radio essay Derek Davis did on the Dublin-Monaghan bombings and the subsequent cover up has just been replayed. A serious piece, in every sense. :clap:


Outstanding exchanges here at the moment with some mad bitch living in France ringing in telling single mothers to suck it up and get on with it and stop mooching off the government


I was only half listening to this today but it seemed to be tremendous fare.

Megan from Cork got her finger caught in a door and didn’t realise it until she tried to walk away from the door. Then this former secretary of the local Macra na Feirme got a serious infection in her finger and has been in extreme pain ever since. So she did the obvious thing and went to the doctor. Not. Instead she attempted to “kill” her finger permanently by cutting off the circulation to it with a tourniquet for seven hours. Then she gave up but tried again with the tourniquet even tighter. Then she gave up again. She’s now desperate to amputate the finger by herself and apparently has been driven to taken an axe to it. She’s in extreme pain right now but was able to laugh loudly several times during the programme.

Later on a woman rang in to say her dishwasher had caught fire.


Go on



Megan is suffering from chronic pain in her finger, so bad that she tried to self-amputate. The pain is awful, she can’t sleep with it, can’t touch of anything, pain medication doesn’t help. She is desperate. Keeps the finger in a bandage on it. Nothing can touch it, not even air.

Shiela was listening to yesterday’s programme. The smoke alarm in the house saved their life after the dishwater went on fire. The interesting thing their son-in-law was staying in the house and he never heard it, they had to wake him up.


Fuck sake. She should have put a poultice on it.


Dishwashers and tumble dryers are a main cause of fires in houses. An insurance adjuster once told me that. No idea if true.

My parents used to unplug everything at night except as Michael McIntyre noted the fridge. We trust the fridge not to go on fire.


So what you’re saying is on one hand she has a sore finger but on the other hand she is fine? Wooohhoooo Good afternoon to you


“Joe my granny is 85 years of age…”

Joe: “It’s amazing your granny is younger that you”.



Who is this whiney little SF IRA bitch who is screeching about the Gardai/cab looking in his koi pond and seizing all his motors?


Civil war erupting in Galway United FC over Islamophobia.


There is a ‘member of the outraged community’ raving to Joe about some poor divil who had the courage to speak out about suicide bombers after the Brussels massacre.
He sounds like an utter utter little weasel faced cunt. Id live to kick his teeth down his throat and thats just from listening to his self righteous rodent tone voice.