Liveline thread


I have several mutual Facebook friends with both protagonists here. It’s killing me to hear friends of friends at each others’ throats like this.


this is the little shit, a right little gurrier it seems who has been exposed as a rat who has built up quite a rep for pouncing on genuine lads who are brave enough to voice an honest opinion and trying to destroy their lives.


To the faces you’d love to smack thread


here he is again :smiley:, fucksake how can you deal with horrible pricks like this…


Twas fairley hot and heavy allright


An awful cunt.

“My campus”

I’d say he’s the type of chap whose cough would soon be softened if he had a serious criminal charge facing him.


I blame that fucktard Duffy for giving him nearly a full hour to pillory to poor old fool. I loved the bit where he claimed loads of Bohs fans had come up to him during a match and complained about the comment :joy:


Didn’t hear it today - what was the gist of the conversation regarding Galway Utd and Islamophobia?


A former board member of Galway utd made a comment on his private Facebook in the aftermath of Brussels along the lines of ‘suicide bombers are a serious problem and I’d be nervous sitting beside a Muslim right now’.
The same lad has a lot of work done on suicide prevention and seems salt of the earth who is involved in various community bits and pieces mostly revolving round soccer.
Some toerag as per video above tagged his post and spent a bit of time trying to paint yer man a racist and destroy him. Duffy had the two of them on. One was a slightly naive salt of the earth sound as a pound lad who gives his time to various causes and organizations. The other a dangerous bastard, an utter creep of a student union type with a self righteous tone who has never done fuck all in his life bar object to everything.


Was it Batt The Lad?


They should have got Nick Leeson on to tell the PC liberal do gooder cunt to fuck off.

These screaming Mary’s are all for free speech as long as it doesn’t offend their own views, upon which they unleash a bullying campaign on those who dare to not tow the PC line - as appears to be the case above.


I love the way you describe things


I don’t know either protagonist, pal. I’m friends on Facebook with people who are friends with them on Facebook.


You should have more respect for Joe Loughnane here, he’s been on campus for 10 years.



A student race day today and yesterday. He should be in great form for the next two days.


You racist dunce of a fool. All of you who liked that post are dim inward dropout inbred sub average racist gay sheep wankers.


Fuck that. Much more fun to be had fielding calls from Fianna Failers who will only go into government with Fine Gael over their own dead bodies.


Motormouth Peter from Slane on defending his friend Charlie Haughey. He’s not happy. Not happy at all. A painting depicting Charlie Haughey “having his way” with Ireland must be censored. “It’s a disgrace.”

“There are no standards any more” says Eamon, a Fianna Fail supporter from Cork. “It’s disgraceful.”


It’s true for him. Sounds like a fucking disgrace.