Liveline thread


Should be a good 'un today, the question is

#Should MMA Be Banned



Go on


Joe don’t like the MMA he will be looking for his pound of flesh.


Sure, sure.


Didn’t hear it after pal, Taz no doubt did?


Unfortunately not today. I’m sure Joe is getting a campaign together to ban MMA that will put the headshop campaign in the shade.


A female doctor on now, talking about whether or not her husband’s passport smells of marijuana.


This call has taken a sinister turn. Turns out her husband is black and Joe has just asked “would there be a particular smell emanating from your husband’s skin?”

Surely this is thinly veiled racial hatred from Duffy. Compelling listening anyway.


It is the corkies again


“If we’re goin’ ta machu-are as a nation were goin’ teh have teh start changin’ deh music sty-all, Damien.”


Super episode today. Charlie McGettigan wasn’t sent a copy of Nicky Byrnes song to his show on Midland Radio. If you can’t promote the song at home how can you promote it abroad.

Rtes Mr Eurovision Julian Vignolles thought Nicky sang as well as he could but in the heel of the cunt, sorry hunt, wasn’t good enough.

Robert thought the whole thing is a joke. We should pull out. Australia isn’t even in Europe. Belgium is though and they qualified.


Robert missed an open goal there, could have blamed Belgium’s foreign nationals


Some ould lad on now giving out about bugles at matches in croke park
Reminds me of this tbf


Voo Voo Zwelas are louder than jet engines


Mother of Christ. Some people just have two much time on their hands.
Although his getting a nice rebuke now.




Ah lovely. Townie v country, old v young.


Mother of fuck. ISIL blowing up all round them. 200000 unemployed. People being taxed to the hilt and we have an oul lad complaing because a young fella has a horn and he doesnt


Easy knock him from your shoes mikey . I wouldn’t like that either . Just cos there are lots of mad thinks in the world doesn’t mean an auld boy should not be complaining that he can’t get a stalker.


Not long to go myself either chief. Im nearly at the stage that if the stalker arrives, it’s too much hard work to do anything abut it. Ergo let the young lads off​:wink::wink: