Liveline thread




Liveline is like shooting fish in a barrel today.


Surely its about the boxing? I wonder could you run a pool on how many times we’ll hear “its a disgrace” Joe today?


Did you watch the fight?
No, but it is still a disgrace


Joe must be looking at this site now


I think Joe is @tazdedub


If only I was on his wages


Exactly what Joe would say


This irish reporter based in Russia on with Joe at the moment is giving Joe a hard time.


The Russians are complaining about team GB’s superhuman performances


:grinning: ah great


They are not the only ones.


If the Russians cyclists were doing what the brits are everyone would be questioning it


Lads, just listening back to a Liveline podcast from last week when Joe had an on air meltdown with Councillor Seamus Traynor about direct provision. This is a classic. He has lost the head when the Councillor said that a women in direct provision who went into the labor in the border region and nearly lost her mind when she found out she was having the baby in the Newry and not in Dundalk/Drogheda. Joe accuses the Councillor of saying the woman would be better off giving birth to a canary. :slight_smile:


the Russians were correct


Altitude sickness, don’t you know


Listening now : cunts whinging about touting tickets for fucking COLDPLAY !!! . Has the world gone mad .


Tara had queued outside Rollercoaster records in Kilkenny since 4 am this morning along with about 20 other Coldplay fans. That was normal. Then she noticed that when the school run started students started coming up to people at the top of the queue telling them to get tickets for the show. Thats not on Joe. By the time Tara got into the shop the tickets for Coldplay were sold out. And they were gone on the website too. And now they are on Seatwave for 4 times face value.


A grand aul mugging off.


That seatwave is some scam. Legitimised touting.