Liveline thread


I thought Coldplay would not sell out Croker . Jesus is there that level of blandness in Ireland .


Be very fucking careful you. @Fran is online.


there will be another show and that will sell out as well and Tara can get her ticket for that. Queuing for tickets, I thought that had gone the way of the dinosaurs?


It was Kilkenny mate.


Is today Funny Friday??


Garth Brooks was able to sell out 6 or 7 seven shows. That’s nearly half a million people, 10% of the country’s population. Unfortunately austerity had no impact on our tone deaf love of sh!te music.


Garth Brooks is crap but fcuking he is not as bland as fcuking Coldplay.


Coldplay are the perfect band for the Snowflake generation.


Brooks, thankfully has done nothing of note over the last 20 years yet 10% of Eire wanted to attend. I find that more unfathomable than one Coldplay gig selling out.


Disagree; they both disgust me but Coldplay are utterly bland . Brooks just caters for rednecks.


The wha’?


Lads like @glasagusban



Jesus that is good. Its really summed tinkerbell up to a tea, a snowflake. Just perfect.


Should be Fiver Friday for Coldplay. Seen them at Marley Park years ago, absolute poo. He forgot half the words of the songs, which was the only entertaining thing at the concert.


That’s perfectly reasonable in fairness if he climbed Kilimanjaro in complete off season fot triathlon


Funny that Michael O’Leary has a go at RTE at a FG fund raiser calling RTE a “rat infested North Korean workshop” and lo and behold first item up on Liveline is a complaint about Ryanair.



Some bint on now . A cops mother rabbit ting on about her son striking . Jesus , whatever the rights and wrongs but Jesus Christ .


Good post mate, erudite.