Liveline thread


No one here will ever win a Pulitzer Prize pal.


We should appoint Joe Duffy chairman of the Limerick County Board. We’d be unbeatable box office




Might be fun today



Can you get someone to screen your “jokes”?


I can if you can get someone to screen your posts


Good one.



I’ve given that a like so as you keep up your quest for popularity​:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


First caller saying the Trump is going to be like JFK. :slight_smile:


You’re rambling inanely again, mate.


Another like for your. You must feel great. That’s two alone for you today


Joe Duffy clearly a fan of the late Leonard Cohen, he was tweeting the singer’s demise shortly after he drew his last breath this morning, just goes to show who actually drives the agenda on Liveline


Leonard Cohen tribute programme today.


Dave Fanning doing one tomorrow on 2fm


Shut up dog,says her man from mayo on the phone to joe


Anti Dublin shootout from crazed rural types on liveline right now about water charges.


One lad dismissed the water protests as a few people with nothing better to do and that rural irish people are in the majority and should put on a proper protest.


Are they the clowns that because they pay twice for water they want the rest of us to?


Three very canny old ladies ringing into to Joe with tales of how they avoided being scammed by phone scammers. My takeaway from this was never answer the landline.


Ah here, Gascuntism indeed