Liveline thread


Civil war breaking out on liveline


The woman on right now :roll_eyes:


They were on complaining about delays in the passport office. One cunt from Tipp had contacted his local TD Michael Lowry to make representations on his behalf. He still hasn’t got his passport. Good enough for the cunt.


Heard that. Contacted the wrong TD. He is busy defending himself in court.


What class of a cunt goes to their local TD over a passport?


I used to get TD representations in my previous organisation. We had a standard template PFO letter citing the data protection act.


That’s an old tradition, TDs used to travel back to Dublin from the provinces on a Sunday night or Monday morning, they’d vouch for the bona fides of the application and arrive back to whatever county with the passport the following Friday or make it available for collection on route to DUB.
That’s the way parochial politics worked back then.
All you had to do was put your name to it along with a photo… and the Mick Lowry got it done. lads cut them out of wedding pictures at the time, your local TD got stuff sorted back then.


Wednesday evening and a holiday planned to Florida leaving Saturday . Mam says check the passports and discovers dad’s is expired by a few months .

Oh fuck .


You’re going to Dis - nice- place.


Sorry @Ashman buddy. Couldn’t help it.


You need ESTAs too pal.


How is this challenge unfolding @Ashman?


More on his mind today Brimmer. Full attention after the 4th. round draw Monday.
Topping morning for a couple of bottles of Clonmel Chablais.


A notional situation kid but one that happens I am sure .


Shite sorry, I see now that it’s an example.
Didn’t read @Mac s post. I tend to skim over his stuff.


Yerra the week in baklybunion will do .


Someone was on today giving out about a pig race in Dublin :sweat_smile:


She had a point but it’s hardly a prime time topic, fucking pig racing :rollseyes:


They had it in Drom a few years ago. The trick is to train one pig to jump over the small hurdles and the rest will follow. When the get back in the the trailer before the next race they swap the numbers on the pigs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They can do what they want in Drom, but in the civilised world there’s no place for that sort of thing