Liveline thread


Pig racing in lanes in swords is not something the good people of Fingal want.


The people of swaaaards want cheap coke in the Wright Venue and a direct bus into town thats all


Ballinamore’s Damian Smyth making an absolute tit of himself here now.
What a fucking jennet with his Trump-esqe scutter. He’ll need the fire brigade on speed dial before the night is out.

"The election was won by the Democrats " is his latest offering. Jaysus.


Heard that on the Radio and Joe asking him where exactly his pub is. :slight_smile:


After drawing my breath I’d imagine Damian may have been a classmate of Guard Williams.
It’s all coming together awfully.


Justin sounds in a bad way.

they are putting a man who is clearly under a lot of stress under the hammer here


Joe is an angry man today about this Exploring Vacations company going bust. Never heard him so worked up.


He was on about it yesterday too. Sounds like they mugged some people right off


Laois woman on giving out because the Laois County Board are not giving any money from JP’s gift to the women’s.


Sure they are a different organisation.


Yep but this woman from Laois has a problem understanding this and Joe the shit stirrer was also having trouble understanding this.


Whats her name bro?


The bitter begrudgers are going mad that a man that has gone out a made a success of himself from nothing is spending his money how he likes. It kills them that JP is a self made man.



Mcmanus sent cheques to 32 Gaa county boards.
Some woman comes on and thinks the wimins football and the camogies were supposed to get their share. Joe agrees with her and asks would McManus be aware the wimins football is seperate, Joe says he will get to the bottom of it.
The former secretary of Kildare camogie comes on to explain wimins football and camogie are seperate organisations to the GAA and he gets destroyed by Joe in a condescending manner despite merely being the messenger, yerman has someone at the door and has to go. Joe says he will get to the bottom of it.


Probably Mary or Theresa that’s who usually rings Joe. She did mention Ballyroan GAA Club.


Ah twas Mary so


What’s that, Art?

Have you something to say?


Joe really struggled that the Ladies didn’t come under the GAA.


Sorry it was Tracy Burke.