LOI season 2017


Hoops 2 up


Athlone take the lead at home to Cobh. :clap:


Handy way to launder money


Cork are 5-0 up on Finn Harps. Ryan Delaney couldn’t get in Burton Albion’s team after joining from Wexford last year but he’s scoring loads of goals for Cork since joining on loan to replace Kenny Browne - a brace tonight.


a wonderful night in tallaght, the athmosphere of this game and the pace at ferocity at which it was played ( the first 45) at would make you happy to be alive, i went down for my HT cuppa in the glenmalure suite actually buzzing after what i saw , im still a little wired actually after driving home with the music thumping in the car
this was my 4th rovers home game this season, we assumed seats just below Mrs. Macphail and Duff just behind the away dugout , i was actually in a reserved seat for the 1899 members but still…
The chat here and general football appreciation are top notch,
this was a seriously good opening 45, after last week when Rovers really were dominated by limerick i couldnt believe what i was seeing tonight, Finn and MOTM the superb Dave macallister destroyed Dk in the middle with pace and power, this was Finn’s best game this season he was immense, Gary Shaw was upfront and outside Graham Burke and Trevor Clarke were a constant threat, as rovers attacked with Finn pulling the strings and Macallsiter making clean shit of all around him the tempo aligned with the beat of the noise around the ground rose, Dundalk were rattled,
2 goals from the aforementioned midfield pairing had rovers 2 up at the 45,
The vastly overrated O’Donnell went off injured to be replaced by Chris Shields who is a much better player after half an hour, up front it wasnt happening for Mountney who had a great battle with the rovers defense, Clifford looked outclassed, Duffy was appalling , mcelhenny jaded and Mcmillan ineffective
Kenny dropped Gartland for Sean Hoare who did well on Rovers gary shaw as did paddy Barrett , it was midfeld where dundalk were overrun , Clifford and Shilds simply could not win the ball, and much as Mountney tried all around him was beaten
Webster and Lopes were superb for Rovers, like all center pairings they need to be given time to learn to play togther, they owned Macmilan tonight and must be allowed to build u a partnership
the second 45 , dundalk pressed but the nervousness that rovers had last week v limerick and harps wanst there, they attacked instead of sat back, Kilduff came on, but rovers brought on Meile who tormented Massey and TBH despite a 90th min Vermalen consonlation fro typical Chencinski ineptitude , rovers were worth more than a 2-1 win

tonight was superb, there was lovely needle all along, Barret is an animal of a man at the back and he broke up Gary Shaw a few times, the crowd in the east stand really get involved and the four in a row cheerio baiting of dundalk drew the ire of the away section.
i stood and applauded Dave Macallister off the park along with those around around me for what was a complete performance, people there just know football,
the booing of bradley last week was undeserved, he did enter the stand to take on a few hecklers last friday but had the grace to apologise to the fans, Bradley is a gentleman, he is doing things right and i respect him, i was talking to Paul Corry’s father at HT and once this lad is back they will have an addition in the middle that is serious
they need a stiker in the twigg mould, kilduff or seani would make them a very good side
rovers are doing it right i believe, they are bringing young players thru, its a decent club and things are happening there

dundalk look jaded BTW,
as an aside, excellent programme again tonight with great contributions
i actually cant wait for the next home game

the sight of the mob buying tickets for Bohs next week at HT also would warn your heart, this is a real football club


Have you ever brought your child?

Great post btw


no, not yet but the lad i go with will have his son along at times
he was asking last time why were they singing about akinade :slight_smile:




What age is he?

He has the tools to make it at a much higher level.

6’ whatever, can move, can pass, can score.


Are city getting the trophy next week or do they actually have to wait till the end of the season or whats the story?


You’re a die hard, you tell us.


He’s only 20 and usually played left back for Wexford. He must be filling out a bit if he’s playing centre back full time now. He’s from New Ross like Greg Bolger.


more than likey the end of the season if they finish top
im not sure this is done yet
city could loose a few come july 1, i cant see their main man sticking about TBH, there is a 150k buyout on that contract that i think expires on 1 dec
the 15 pt lead is huge and the fact that dk have regressed to the pack means that if , when CCFC drop points then one cant really see Dk closing the gap

id say kenny now, wants to progress in europe , but remember despite last seasons heroics they still arent seeded in the CL thanks to that late defeat in Israel
hoare, duffy, clifford, good players but taking time to settle, duffy is no daryl horgan and now kilduff and macmillan simply dont have a supply line,
they haven’t kicked on from their success at all, they look jaded

there is still 21 games left, i think its far from over still TBH,
they will loose games, they will hit a slump
i think how they react to that first defeat is key
also the UEFA qualifiers are up in July, this can be a tricky period


A die hard FAI man?
Hardly. I have no idea what they do with their trophies.


i never knew that


Well McGuire is gone, i think they are all comfortable with that. They are going to ride that wave to the end and hope to have title done and dusted. Reading between the very well infirmed line i have on it, a deal has already been informally agreed, but he is not expected to take part in pre season with new club and CC will get up to end of July with him.
I think they should take what they can. He is decent but he is not that amazing either and i think he lacks a team me tality for higher levels. I think City would be fools not to cash in. He may not even make their team in 2 years.

I think Delaney is super, ok its not Champions League, but he has it all.


Excellent post @mickee321. Was there any hint of match fixing or irregular betting patterns?


That’s a cracking post, Mick.

Your LOI posts are always on the money. Would agree that Rovers are on a pretty solid footing overall, despite the slow start this season. Say what you like about them they are a proper football club. Bradley seems an alright sort too.

Cork have it won alread. It’ll be unbearable listening to that uucoam Caulfield roaring when they do eventually win it. In fairness most of their players seem likeable sorts like O’Connor, Bolger, Bennett etc. Mind you McNulty is an awful prick. What is it with Cork goalkeepers in most codes.

Sligo v Limerick tonight. An away win would leave us only three points off second and dreaming of trips to Kazakhstan or Beitar Jerusalem in the Europa league qualifying rounds.


Genuine question here mate, what is your problem with Caulfield, I know a few lads who played for him in the MSL and they speak highly of him as a person as well as a manager.


My cousin played GAA with JC and has great time for him . That said he is a whinge fook and a Sheepstealer .