LOI season 2017


He’s got a big fat fucking head.


ah that’s fantastoic


i liked the look of ye last week
Ogbene even tho he drifts in and out is some threat, and what an option to bring John O Flynn on when u need him
i saw sligo in tallaght and its hard to call them as they were down to 10 after 20 mins, kieran Sadlier is decent but the rest of them are workmanlike , i havent seen galway yet but Sligo are the poorest team ive seen to date in the league, Finn Harps for example id consder a much better team
BTTS and Limerick is my bet here


no, altho its hard to tell with the Rovers keeper at times
my sources tell me cobh’s 5-1 win v athlone earlier on is under suspicion
apparantly it was the worst display of goalkeeping ever seen down there
Igor Labuts bird took to facebook i see to defend him anyway
anyone have the athlone 11 from last night?
its a mad club, i was doing a preview of this game and i couldnt get team news off them, mind you they never give out team news and have no media contact, like Derry they also refuse to disclose attendance figures so everything is an estimate
its like north korea


Is there a Cobh Wanderers club? Twice now heard them mentioned on red fm or was it just a clueless presenter


they’re in the intermediate cup final next week in the Aviva against Liffey Wanderers
best intermediate team in ireland by a mile, would beat most first division teams


Ah they will probably not even win the MSL. Just around same standard as UCC etc


the cup run has taken a huge amount out of them with a big fixture backlog
they beat Crumlin Utd away in the quarter final, that’ll tell you all you need to know on their quality - now they’re in 2nd round of FAI cup also
Everton will prob win MSL id say


Avondale managed to win doubles, Rockmount as well.

However i agree the fixtures is an issue for any of them. Avondale in particular had a very deep squad and regularly won/finished top 2 in Junior Premier as well.

Saw Paddy Kelly was playing with Ballincollig yesterday when they got promoted. Good to see him enjoying sport again. Never saw him play but i would imagine he is very handy at that level


was he playing with them last week against corinthians in the FAI cup?
id say he has serious fitness
a sad loss to Cork GAA


That i don’t know, i just saw a photo of him in a friends fb photo.
Did they have a good run in that cup ya? They have always produced serious players but there is something always holding them back.

He is fit ya, he was superb for Ballincollig in SFC 2 weeks ago. I’d say its a huge release to be rid of inter county


Another gem . A fine player .



good to see somebody stand up to that Paul Hartnett cunt


They didnt stand up for long, the posts were removed shortly afterwards.


Maybe Paul Hartnett has been deleted.


All haters should indeed be sentenced to deletion.




Watching a recording of soccer republic here, good to see Athlone and Ramblers get an airing. Shame about the circumstances, wish they would show a goals round up of the first division action each week.


yeah, watched it allright, shur they dont even show the first div table
Dan Murray will never make it as an analyst at all , they should stick week on week with Stuey Byrne, he’s excellent,
also , i see they’ve abandoned that screen that Fabio o brien and johnny Macdonnell can never get to work when doing the analysis
just had OTB’s LOI weekly on in the car there, stuey byrne, dan macdonnell and joe molley do a fine discussion in fairness
there is some amount of LOI weekly podcasts out now, Dan Macdonnell has one, yer man Ben on the 42dotie has one, extratime occasonally, OTB have a podcast also but it isnt the weekly discussion that Stuey- Dan- joe have and its actually poor enough
i dont get these podcasts tbh, is there money to be made from them at all you’d wonder?

was happy to see cawley give Dave Macallister credit for rovers also, he was immense the other night