LOI season 2017


They only show the first division table at the last few weeks of the season. It wouldn’t kill them to at least acknowledge the fucking league.

Cawley is a decent pundit who knows the game well. I’d like Stuey Byrne more if he was a bit more positive, he runs the league down too much for my liking.

Watching the Rovers highlights there and it’s surprising that they’ve lost half their games this season, they looked quite good. There must be some shambles behind the scenes there considering the resources they’ve got.


Pats surely won’t go down, will they?


I would die laughing if that happened :joy:


id fuckin love it


If nothing else they still have Fagan, although I don’t think he has scored yet this season. Seem to have a rake of youngsters playing nowadays.

What’s the story with their decline @mickee321 ? Their crowds really dwindled away last season, investment seems to have dried up.


Pats still have christy fagan, conan byrne , kurtis byrne, that’s 3 decent attacking players, billy dennehy and gavan peers so you’d think they’ll be ok,
sean hoare was a big loss,
they’ve gone part time this season like bohs as the money just isnt there, conan byrne is teaching out in Rush i think for example
so, its a few experienced players and then a very young team, not quite as young as bohs now BTW but still very inexperienced
they’ll just try and stay up ud imagine and hope for investment next season
do they own richmond park i wonder?
ah its a bad state of affairs, shels , bohs and pats are really in terminal decline last few years


Fuck them


Any idea how O’Hanlon is doing for them since he came back from Bournemouth? He signed for Bournemouth the year before they went up but was plagued with calf injuries. Mate of mine was at the club at the time and said Howe initially rated him highly but quickly cast him aside when he saw he wasn’t in his plans.


josh o hanlon?
he scored v Rovers in Inchicore there a few weeks back and is starting every game
he’s kind of in the same position as Ryan Delaney at Cork who is over from Burton (albeit Delaney is on loan), playing LOI is better for these lads i think instead of say the non competitive reserve or u23 leagues in england , at least LOI is competitive (its a source of incime for people) , is full of hatchet men and they have to work on the pitch very hard to impress so in that regard a year here is good.
You look at Dundalk now an Conor Clifford and Mike Duffy, 2 players with loads of potential no doubt but the other night v Rovers they looked lost, clifford didnt want to know about the scrap in the middle and John Mountney was much better that Duffy as an attacking influence on the wing, in LOI you need to win your own ball, its rough stuff and i think itll do these lads good for a year or so


The great Roddy on his way to Athlone Town it appears.


In Rod we trust.



Hopefully a new series of the “Rod squad” can be arranged.
Roddy must have managed 6 or 7 LOI clubs at this stage.


Bohs , Rovers , Monaghan , Waterford ; Athlone , Cork , Dublin City . Derry

Carlisle United ; some crowd in Malta .

He is a gas man .


Had a good team at Bohs.
Don’t think he won anything since (apart from people’s hearts)


As long as he stays the fuck away from Limerick.


The Limerick job isn’t big enough for Roddy.


There isnt a tailor in Limerick good enough for the great man .


Could they not get the lad who did the hurlers suits for the final in 2013?


He can have all 30 of them, unworn.