LOI season 2017


massive win for cork tonight


What project would this be? This has been another abysmal season for Rovers.


Worrying times Camac-side, worrying times.


Champions find ways to win.


They lost to Cork tonight you mook .




Looking at the squad you’d have to say Pats will pull out of this. But how the fuck are they down there in the first place and does this group of players have the heart for a relegation dogfight?


Would think they will have enough to get out of relegation places
Daragh Markey is looking like a fine player.


This is all very convenient. Sorry lads, the files you need have been stolen.


Fucking amateurs


caolan macaleer and morriesy back for Harps
they both score and are on course for another win as predicted, 3-1 up at HT v an incon
SRFC bossed CCFC by all a/cs in the first
1-1 now after an hour but Dave Macallister red card for rovers, he’s an outstanding player, they’ll do well to hold on now id say


as it stands


Pats bottom of the table now. See you at Tolka next year @Ralphie


Hand over the trophy to City


Any updates on the project pal?


Yep. Better team tonight until harsh sending off

All told I’m happy enough


Safe trip home mate


It’s no disgrace losing 4-1 the champions elect. I’m glad you know your place.


Worrying times


Hopefully Cork can progress through a few rounds in Europa league.
Likely to lose many players in summer (apart from possibly Maguire) transfer window?