LOI season 2017


Sent home with their tea in a mug. I heard they were nearly afraid to go into the Tory top


Ryan Delanay will go back


Delaney would be a bit of a loss alright but there’s no guarantee he will go back. Some talk about interest in Kevin O’Connor too. But Maguire would be a massive loss, he’s lethal. A top goalscorer and all-round forward would be something that could get them over the edge in Europe.


Cork are going to come under a lot of pressure to keep players from both domestic and cross channel raiders . They run a tight ship but players will look after number 1. Unlike previous CCFC teams a lot of the players aren’t Corkonians .


Ya but have played with the Youths in some cases.

That and the fact they now have developed an ability to pay outsiders which if you want to grow has to happen.


Im hearing there are issues with payments with the seagulls

explains their poor form


it was too good to be true tho from the outset
what do they have , 800 max at a home?
in other news im hearing Neil Maginn to dundalk from aberdeen is becoming more likely
w,r,t Cork
yeah , it looks home and hosed but their are few things
1 . maguire - delaney will go
2. european football starts in june, now this can go 2 ways, last year dundalk thrived with it as in they lifted their game and won everything, in recent seasons corks domestic for has nosedived with european football, dundalk are not seeded in june’s draw despite last seasons heroics, and i expect them to exit the stage early, city could be in if for the long haul i think in the europa league… it remains to be seen what this disruption will do to them domestically…
i expect them to win tonight in oriel park, dundalk look very disjointed, and were really ragged when i saw them in tallaght, conor clifford has been a very disappointing xfer and post andy boyle , gartland been out injured paddy barret and sean hoare are really poor at the back, maguire could roast barret TBH, benson injured was a huge loss and the lad they signed from Alloa (NI -U21, name escapes me) is a luxury type of player and dosent want to know,


that scout who was sitting in from of me was watching Trevor Clarke, he was from Southampton

is Clarke the most exciting young player in the LOI today?
he’s a wonderful talent, that goal last week v cork and v the BSC 3 weeks ago were great strikes


he is fantastic - pace and drive

btw, I believe there will be a flag burning tonight


Are the Shams players getting paid on time pal? Must be some reason why you are 21 points behind Cork, who also have a game in hand, and we are not even at the halfway point in the season.


The bitterness & jealousy you display towards SRFC is great to see


Sligo are a tremendous club alright, any chance you can answer the question?

Why are the Shams 21 points behind Cork mate? You said at the start of the season you were going to win the league. Where has it all gone wrong?


TSG is utterly gas. He is crowing on here about being ahead of Bohs who are broke and newly promoted Limerick. Surely Shamrock Rovers need to have a greater level of aspiration ?


City 1 up. Even a draw is game over for Dundalk


Im in Tallaght but im hearing that Dundalk back 2 are having a nightmare
Barrett is such a poor player


Cork up 2 now . Dundalk looking really leggy and a bit clumsy .


Good enough for spock


the young lad really enjoyed the flag burning earlier pal, thanks for the tip


seani’s signs off for CCFC with a hat trick
excellent talent in fairness, the league will miss him
clough has recalled delaney also


Going to call this as turning point for Super Saints.