London Calling

Sure the shops won’t even take northern Irish sterling in the shops in England

We wave these at the telly when that bad man Kyle Hayes gets the ball

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Good on her. She’ll be locked up if she’s not careful.

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A vesper Martini in dukes hotel is one of the great London things to do. Two drink limit.
First time I went there I couldn’t find it because I thought the pointer on Google maps was the other way round. After a few laps of the area I stopped a dapper gentleman and asked for directions.
“I’m going that way myself, I’ll show you to the door”
He enquired as to whether I was staying there before telling me how much he loved Ireland in the most gentle, quietly spoken but cut glass English accent you’d ever hear.
I informed him that I was meeting my brother for a vesper Martini
“Well that’s a splendid thing. You’ll be drinking my gin”
“How do you mean?”
“Oh I’m berry brothers and rudd”
He walked me to the door, said he wished he could join us, and bade me a very pleasant afternoon.
A lovely experience from start to finish.
Spent about 3 hours over two vesper Martinis, having a great catch up and watching the great and good.


What’s a two drink limit exactly?
I saw posters outside bars in NY.

Heading over in March so will definitely do that👍

I was in Ronnie Drew’s a few years ago when a fellow Free Stater tried to pay with the old Ulster Bank notes

We left after the wan.

We laugh about it now.

It’s absolutely lethal. Two drinks is plenty.

You may need to book a table I think. It’s not cheap but honestly it’s worth it imo.

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Doesn’t look like you can book a table in the bar but I’ll check.

A vesper Martini is the house specialty but there’s a full list.

An evening drinking Pints of Harveys in The Market Porter in the Borough Market is 1 of life’s great pleasures

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I can’t be the only one that sees the irony of a pretend / barstool RA forum being full of lads who think London is the best city on the planet

A long read but interesting


Theres a book in that.

Got halfway through but would be here till next week trying to put it all together.


There’s a lot going on alright. A sad story overall.

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Could you copy and paste please?

This link has the article if you can’t get past the New Yorker login page…

Bobby Sands was an Arsenal fan

Best place to watch Kerry v Mayo tomorrow night @Tassotti

Looking at the Clapham/Brixton/Wandsworth area.