Marine le Pen


Did you read this before you posted it? Are you totally disconnected from your own posts?


I don’t vilify anybody whose political opinions I disagree with.

People who consistently engage in shameless far-right bigotry like @labane1917 does are a different matter.


You constantly do…

… and you’re doing it again.


Always cracks me up how Christians put so much stock in books of the Jewish people.



Sorry, mate, I should have said everybody, not anybody.


On the contrary, speaking out and campaigning for sanctions against oppressive ideology and regimes that impose brutal discrimination is the right thing to do. By your logic the Nazis shouldn’t have been vilified.

It is very telling that you and your fellow nutter lefties cannot being yourself to criticize the most horrendous abusive ideology and regimes on the planet, but regard any criticism of Islam in western societies as a crime against humanity.

As always, when you have your head handed to you, you resort to personal abuse and name calling. Pathetic.





Another boring post full of nothing except pathetic bigotry, from the poster who called for Islam to be banned.

Funny how you claimed you were an “independent”, yet now you’re up to your neck desperately defending Trump over every bigoted move he makes, and now you’re supporting the fascists of France.

Stormfront is the place for you, pal.

Deary me.

Labane hypocrisy alert #37394.

You’re just a really shit version of Ian O’Doherty.


Penelope Fillon has been arrested. Alain Juppe will come back in now. Blow for Macron.


The French electorate have been Jupped


Oooft, could be curtains for the racist boot.


But Fillon has said he’s going nowhere


Bad news for Le Pen fan @labane1917, or should I say @lepen2017.

Having earlier stated he would if an investigation was launched, which it it now has been.

Fillon is staking everything on a Trump-style “mass rally” on Sunday which is more likely to turn into a damp squib.

Sarkozy is apparently trying to stop Juppe from coming back into the race in place of Fillon - he apparently would rather see his “side” lose than have that happen.


Le Pen will win the election.

The European Union and the euro are under serious threat.

I always preferred the Irish punt anyway.


hon Le Pen, the snowflakes will self implode


The EU is a failed project at this stage…the English did the right thing leaving it.


Paddy will hang into the bitter end


We lack proper leadership politically.


A lovely photograph.