Marine le Pen


They are all very French looking


The taller lad 2nd from the left has a look of a slavic bouncer


Trump has effectively endorsed the far right anti-semite and racist Le Pen.

Shit sticks together.


So do snowflakes.


Macron 23.7, Le Pen 22, fillon 20, Mellanchon 20.


All over ?


Macron will win in a landslide as the mainstream left and right will row in behind him.


Dja think?


Exit poll/ estimate


A politician is the last thing you should be if you want to win an election these days.


So only the far left candidate hasn’t rowed in behind Macron yet.


The racists got a right toe in the hole after all their talk.


Mr Macron is alumni of Rotchschild.



Le Pen “temporarily stepping down as leader of the Front National”.

Utterly bizarre stuff and as cynical a move as has been seen in politics anywhere for a long time.

But it’s a tacit admission of the toxicity of her fascist party. Her own fascist toxicity will remain.



I’m questioning all the talk about Le Pen’s support when your man that wants 100% tax on earnings over 33k is less than 2 points behind her.


She’s increased her support by 4.5% over what her father got in 2002. That’s actually a pretty poor performance, given the attacks that have happened in the last year and a half that were supposedly her oxygen.


Looks like she bled votes to Melanchon in the last few weeks alright - ultimately it’s all still largely the equivalent of what would have been a protest vote in circumstances where there was a clear winner from the traditional parties. Probably more accurate now to call it a vote for any kind of radical break from the status quo - in a lot of cases I suspect it doesn’t particularly matter to those voters if it’s labeled as being from the left or the right, or what the exact details of any of their policies are.


Great to see that Paris, despite all that has gone on there, has unanimously rejected Le Pen and the politics of hate.