Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane Backers

Signing in.

Disappointing to only take four points from six against the world champions but hopefully this can be rectified in future campaigns.


Singing in.


was in from day 1 and am still in now


How does the tune go? Fuck it! I’ll sing in too.

Martin O’Neill backer here, Queen can go fuck himself however.

If I had a baby today I’d name him Martin.


Keane is a legend my 2nd favourite Ireland player behind McGrath. Fuck the begrudgers and ye wh take ego and personality into account when judging a player. Dip ships the lot of ye.


Still a paid up member. Signing in once more.

Showed that spoofer Schmidt how it’s done.

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Martin O’Neill - two time European Cup winner with Nottingham Forest. He has taken us to EURO 2016. Signing in.



Jaysus, we have little to be fucking worrying about don’t we?


It was just banter. Colm O’Gorman and Panti Bliss will be seething all the same.

There’ll be no “come on you boys in green” for them. Or actually maybe there will… :eek:

If panti cracked a joke about being straight sure all the PC cunts would be falling down laughing. Besides, queer isn’t a derogatory word, isn’t the catch all acronym LGBTQ.

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Dissapointing from o squeal

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FFS sakes

As was Queens quip about McGeady during the week. The prick just can’t help himself

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Mollycoddling McGeady has gotten nobody anywhere. He needs a kick up his hole before his career is well and truly finished. Its currently on life support. Like or hate Keane, but someone needed to do that.

As for O’Neill, it was a throwaway comment, what sort of cunts are there in this country when they’re offended by that. Sake.

Behind closed doors and face to face with McGeady sure but not by throwing out sly digs at him in the media. McGeady is coming off a poor season and struggling for confidence as it is, I would doubt that Keane’s comments would have done anything to help the situation and has probably only further eroded his confidence.

He can’t help himself. It was a shit thing to do and shows how little he has learned. Great to see Kilbane call him out for it.

And who’s to say this hasn’t been done behind closed doors many times before now? He failed at Sheffield Wednesday, not even a gentle failure, an epic one where he was about 4/5th choice winger. You’re predetermined to disliking Keane, that’s fair enough. But McGeady’s shiteness coming into or out of this tournament will not be Keane’s doing.

Kilbanes a nice guy, a very nice guy. I don’t blame for feeling the need to stick up for Aiden, people have been doing that for him all his career.