Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick Pubs, No Culture allowed


I’m not an NAP supporter.


He may as well have poured it one go from a fuckin carton. The pint in there is dire.


It would be great if this comes off.

Limerick city badly needs it to happen.


I was flicking through a really old book I downloaded earlier, has a great line in it.


Some things never change .


Black cats, black puisíns


I also came across another book inside the shop called “Limerick - A Rich Land”, with a price tag of €90.
I’ve a copy of it propping up a table at home.


Don’t leave us hanging, what were the Askeaton band up to?


“The Askeaton band headed the Askeaton, Riddlestown, Coolcappa and Ballysteen Patriots”


I’ll be petitioning the AGM to rename the club “The Ballysteen Patriots”


West Limerick boys in general would be a steely crowd, mad for a row


If you could survive Coolio’s and the square in Newcastle outside the chipper at 3am on a Saturday or Sunday morning as a 17 or 18 year old it put you in good stead for the rest of your life.


Not wrong.


Where abouts in NCW was that?

I see “Spirit” are gonna be opening up again. Application in the paper for a license. Thats the one at the Bridge. Mission must be closed 4 years at this stage. Used get in there when I was 16 :joy:

NCW is gone very bad in all account. Charging a tenner into Cronins on a Sunday of the Bank Holiday Weekend :thinking::thinking:


The good auld days of heaven,hell and purgatory! :joy:


Would the Askeaton lads often head as far as NCW for a night out?


I’ve very fond memories of Coolios and whispers.

Great nights out.

Is the Tally Ho still going?


Up by the Garda station, other side of the road on the GAA field side. Not sure what it’s called now or if it’s even still open.

Some great, great nights back there. A time before mobile phones. Got in one night when the lad on the door was an uncle of a lad I was in school with. I’d say I wasn’t even 17. Pissed after three pints. Innocent days, not a worry in the world. Trying but failing to get a taxi home for hours on end before 6 would squeeze into the last one!

I’d hate to be growing up now with the instagram generation, everything going online etc.


Sounds like where Club Mission used to be.


Sunday nights in whispers during the summer we’re epic. Best nights of my life!