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Yeah that’s it I think, ended up back there after a session about three years ago. The oldest person in there. :see_no_evil:


Fantatic days…used to be a bouncer there about 30 stone…didnt give a bollocks…sound bloke though.

Kept out the worst cunts to be fair to him.


I was probably in there myself :joy:

The new hotel hoping to be open for the new year.


Lad, there’d be busloads coming out from town and even from places like Listowel, never mind over the road. Totally lawless. Amazed someone wasn’t killed looking back at it, fights every night. A rite of passage.

It was a different world back then.

Christ, my nite club days are over now bar stags. Makes me feel very, very old. And sad.

Enjoy it @Copper_pipe - you’ll be into your 30’s before you know it.


When I started seeing my current wife I had a whole world opened up to me, the Highland in Newmarket, Charleville and NCW, interesting change of scenery for a Cork city boy


You had Newmarket, abbeyfeale, NCW and charleville all within a 20 mile radius. Not sure if there’s a night club left in any of em now!


Hiland is still going anyway.

Full of young ones though. Think it only opens on a Saturday


The Highland/Hiland was a right spot. It’s out in the middle of nowhere.

Was there once years ago, cracking night.


Serious place they used to bring right good bands aswell! Was there one night for Aslan. MENTAL


You’ve no business going up there’s unless you’ve a lift home sorted!


There was no notice taken of walking 20 miles home back then!


THat was a huge thing for me as well, on one of my first visits to my in laws place I ended up walking 7 miles home in the pitch black, even up some fucking supposed ghost road


I used to walk back into Kilmallock from Bulgaden by the railway track. Twas safer.


Forgot Bulgaden, she dragged me there another night, fortunately we had a lift home.


Is your Mrs a west limerick woman pal?


She’s Kilcornan I think. If it’s the woman I’m thinking off.


Indeed, I’ve often mentioned it, went to school in Charleville though so she’d have a very wide geographical circle of friends, hence the Bulgaden, Newmarket, NCW nights out



Memories you couldn’t begin to explain.
What a time to be alive. Doing the GAA summer scheme every summer under the older brothers names cos you were too young, mixing muck and throwing blocks, Paddy and Red, foam parties, not realising 94 and 96 were as good as it would get for your lifetime, the bus home from everywhere, the bit of tit, knowing nothing about wine but not letting that stop you, crashing weddings, no doors on the tractor, singing the wrong words to songs…

Those poor bastards starting out these days.

I am my father.


Nobody cares you sneaky Cark cunt.