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Is that the one where Xanadus used to be?


Going out is very different now. When I first started going out 3 or 4 buses used to leave Askeaton every Saturday night. Generally 1 to Coolios and 3 to Monty’s in Tarbert. Then Monty’s closed / fell out fashion and it was off to Whispers. The bus driver was deadly, he’d do 3 runs up to Newcastle but only 2 runs home, if you weren’t on the first bus you were there until half 4, and depending on the route he took dropping people home you could be on the bus an hour.


Monty’s!!! There’s a memory. Even horsebox would have scored there. I had forgotten that place even existed maybe my brain is doing me a favor and blotting it out.


The fighting outside it used be savage. Plus it wasn’t really near the town so no one had anywhere to go. You had a few hundreds pissed up yahoos standing around waiting for their bus with nothing to do only bate the heads off each other.

I remember Tarbert and moyvane lads fighting one night, a guy was knocked to the ground, one guy stood on his chest while another fella bate him with half a scaffolding pole. I think someone might have pulled a shotgun from the boot of a car for a finish.


Ah fuck it was like the Wild West. A crowd of us used to always get into a row with a shower of cunts from kilcornan, every sat night they’d start on our group, a lad fucked a wheel brace at me one night, it whizzed past my face thank fuck, we went over to Tarbert one night with one of the lads sniffing after a young one and here were the lads again, lucky to come out of it with our lives.


I went out in Bulgaden one night, a great night but can’t remember much about it besides getting into a jeep afterwards with very a drunk driver. Is it still open?


When did the smoking ban come in? 2002/2003?

God, the stink off your clothes the next morning from just being sat in the pub the night before.


Still open alright, it does a roaring trade at Christmas time as nearly all the Rathkeale Rovers who return home get married and have the reception up there.

Head man is meant to run a tight ship (justifiably so), he’s strict with them on when drink is served/stopped being served. Never really hear of any trouble up there which is a credit to him and his team.

Not been up there in years myself. Don’t know what it’s like now.


I was in Blugaden about 15 year ago with a friend from Kilmallock. There was some massive fucker of a bouncer there from Easter Europe. My mate told me that every night lads wanted to fight him and he’d get them to sign a waiver before battering the head off them.



Some spot. I presume it’s gone? Katy Dalys was another.

Wreckless times.


Dundrum, Tipperary?


The joys of living in the country!!! And god help you if you fell asleep down the back!!! You could end up anyplace!!


Off topic I know, any of ye know where the coursing field is in Bulgaden??


It’s open but no idea if the disco is open


Do they run the Mountcoote cup there now?


A good reading pub?


I hadn’t grasped reading at that stage


Dundrum is closed with 10 years.

Its last 5 years hosted savage teenage discos but nightclub proper was gone downhill by then.
Its peak was in the dancing era, my auld lad always makes out he saw Johny Cash there. Joe Dolan was regular then.

A sorry sight nowadays to anyone passing by. A serious eyesore in an otherwise pleasant village.


No idea, any idea where the field is though??