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One of my first fumbling sexual experiences was out the back of Dundrum. A good country lass of farming stock from east Limerick


Glad that The Link Walsh got you home safe pal.


Yeah. The bus from Newport was the start of a night that could end up literally anywhere. Limerick city after that was like mosney.

Good times.


I was often the last man on that bus. A friend of mine’s uncle used drive the bus and would drop us home after (3 miles from Newport). You’d be sober by time we’d get home


I heard the Johnny Cash yarn as well. Me bollix, I reckon.


Musical family?


Aye (but not the bus driver, other side of the family)


Just be glad Snapchat wasn’t around years ago.


Jesus. Have you a sister?


No mate.


Whew! Carry on…!


Will you tell your sister, I’ve the car tonight


Jaysus willie you’re firin’ on all cylinders tonight!


Will you tell her she left her shoe in my car last night.



We can’t go back lads. I suppose every generation has their era but I wouldn’t swap my memories of those days for anything. Just like Myles wasn’t missing the last head huntin tribe of the Amazon basin for an’tin!

When I think of facebook or instagram or any of that scutter… I’d be locked up of they were around in my day.


Ah fuck how I yearn to live for year like that again, not a care in the world and £30 would do you for the week, at home on a Saturday evening wound up like a spring and the lads collecting you for a night of drinking shifting fingering and then fighting, up the next day fresh as a breeze. Fuck it maybe it’s just as we get old that stuff gets complicated.


What’s the story with public transport out to Shannon airport from the ciddy. I’m trying to organize my 2018 vacation and need to fly from Shannon but I’ll be flying back to cork so I’ll most likely need PT to Shannon.


There’s a bus from the train station in liemrick


Cool. Would it be frequent? I’d need to be in the airport for 10:30am ish.


I think it’s every hour.