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Its the 343


What was the name of the nightclub in tarbert? Got some hiding there one night we had to run about 2 miles back into the village to escape to where the car (which was supposed to be our lodgings for the night) was parked. I dont know what we did to deserve it but we probably did


Being Cark cunts?



Im after having a right laugh as the question was answered and my recall of it supported in about 20 subsequent posts


Monty’s was the local name for it.
It might have had a different official name, it was held in the Lanterns hotel

Edit: I think Coasters may have been the official name



No one pays anyway. All the one.


William Street is like an obstacle course at times. People parking outside Enzos and going in for a bag of chips


Park & Stride and a Park & Ride facility from Carey’s Road :joy:
They should combine the two idea’s, park and ride to Carey’s rode, then on the way back, stride up to Roxboro Garda station to report your car stolen.


Carey’s Road park and ride…



Thats the famous horse thunderbolt, your lucky ya managed to catch a glimpse of him.


Parnell St be like that as well, there’d be lads with hazards on parked outside lads with hazards on.


Yeah, its behind the Pub


Fedamore has really gone to shite.


It’s sad really.


Some very low fines there for driving without insurance? The fines are a fraction of what it would cost to actually get insurance.

@myboyblue one of the lowest fines was for the guy who said he was going from the GAA field. The system works :clap:


100 yards :smile:


I know your man and the address he gave, it actually wouldn’t be much more than 100 yards from the field.


Then why drive though? He was no more going/coming from the football field…


Ah sure, no harm in mentioning it though.

A friend of mine got done for drink driving and he was living less than 100 yards from the pub yet insisted on driving home.