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In this day and age, silly silly man.


sorry pal, it was a lapse in judgement.


That Zafira won’t drive itself on the school run.


Ah it was 10 years ago at this stage I’d say.


Happened to a fella out home good few years back. No more than 200-300 yards from home. Went into the chippers after a feed of pints. The guards were tucking into their snack boxes and saw him hop into the car after getting his chips.

Fucking ape drove for a living too


Ah he’s well back on the road at this stage.

In somewhat related news, as of a letter this morning, my license is clean for the first time in 15 years :brendanback:


He surely managed to get home before they finished the snack boxes ? They hardly left them behind


I heard a good one lately.
Auld lad living in suburban Limerick had a rake of pints in the city and drove home. That was grand anyway, got home no hassle, only he got a bit peckish after he got home, so went back into the city for some chicken hut. :grinning:

Half way home and a Guard pulled him over because he was driving with no lights on, wasn’t even a check point :see_no_evil:
Good enough for the ape.


You obviously haven’t seen how fast a guard can eat a snack box


:thinking::thinking::thinking: Zam Zam???


Those three scumbags who robbed the two places in Pallasgreen got lengthy sentences. Proper order. 17 years, 15 years and 14 years respectively with three years suspended for each.

One of them had 139 previous convictions. Ffs.


Two of the cunts on bail .


I see Iron Mike is buying the 41.


Concurrent sentences too. Harshest sentences I’ve seen in a while.


About fucking time too.


Agree. The whole criminal justice system is fucking wrong.


This new “138 strikes and you’re out” policy is gonna send out some message.


139 convictions. That’s what they were caught doing. God knows what else the cunts did.


139 convictions is some going. Think of the probably 200+ other times he didn’t get caught like


I don’t blame the Gardai though. They apprehend the criminals, charge them. The judge tells the criminals to stop messing and let them off. They repeat it all over again.