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That judge is to be commended. Brilliant sentences handed down and sends out a message to scumbags that if you want to rob and terrorise honest people in rural Ireland there will be big repercussions if you are caught.


The father set his son a great example .


He is a man of convictions .


Consecutive sentences actually. That adds a grand stretch to their existing terms. We won’t be seeing these bastards for about 20 years or thereabouts.

Kudos to the Beak in this one.


Right job, fairplay to the judge.

Fucking scum of the earth.


Oops yes @Boxtyeater that’s what I meant. Thank you for pointing out my error.



They’re not the first to use this technique


GARDAI at Roxboro Road are investigating a “suspect device” discovered in Limerick city this Saturday afternoon.

The device was alerted to gardai after it was discovered at Flanker Court in Glasgow Park, Limerick city.

The army’s explosive ordnance disposal team has been deployed to examine the device.

It is not know, as of yet, what type of device was discovered in the small residential area.

A spokesperson for An Garda Siochana told the Leader this Saturday evening: “Following the discovery of a suspect device at Flanker Court, Glasgow Park in Limerick this afternoon the area has been sealed off by Gardaí and an Army EOD Team have been requested.”


What pub?







Any sign of Teddy around?


Most likely linked


No problem Brimmer. You’ll note I didn’t refer to you as a thick cunt or use any other derogatory comments.
Taking cheap shots has become all too common here lately - I know you’d never take advantage like many do.:wink:


Winning lotto ticket sold in the GPO.


The cunts didn’t get half long enough. It’s a start though.

“I feel we were discriminated against due to the ethnicity of the people we were with,” said Ms Hackett. This is the start of this shit now. They will use the ethnicity rule to get even more than they already have.


Has King Thai been replaced by another Thai place on same premises lads? Or is it gone completely.

@Julio_Geordio I called into the Wickham Tap the other evening. Good selection of beers but there was no atmosphere in there. I wasn’t gone on the clientele either, not quite full blown hipsters but certainly an “arty” crowd. Wasn’t many folk in there, and the barmaids looked bored out of their minds looking into their phones. Myself and herself kept ourselves occupied for 45mins by playing with a pack of quiz questions they had in there. There were board games stacked an awful height, plenty of variety. One table of four was playing on Guess Who. I don’t think i’d be inclined to go back there again.


It’s the biggest try hard of a hipster bar I’ve ever seen. Mother Macs is a much superior craft beer bar.
Bit of work going on in Bentleys at the minute so I presume it’s reopening as a bar? Also that place on Catherine street which has been closed for a very long time is reopening, the one towards the far end of the street away from town, can’t remember what it used to be called.
The Thai has been replaced by Zo Zim Bab or something. A lot of the same people involved but not the main chef guy sadly. Food is very decent still but not as good.