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Blindboy was all praise for Pharmacia in Sarsfields Street on todays podcast. Any of ye ever been?


Tony Enright (icon, Texas etc) reopening Bentley’s, Daffy’s is reopening on Catherine St, the big extension to Jerry Flannerys is due to open soon and I believe Bourkes is being reopened by the guys that have big Flannerys. There’s a real shift in momentum away from the market side of town .


An acquaintance of mine is a regular in there, loves the place. He’d hang around with an awful hipster crowd though. He wouldn’t drink to save his life. They won’t be making much dough off him in there. I think it’s a cocktails type establishment as its nuts and bolts.


Zo Zabb is the new place- I think it’s very good. Maybe not quite on the same level, but very close and ahead of the competition.


Is Bentleys the one over Teds?


Beside Ted’s


Last time I was in there was after Cork and Mayo in the summer, an interesting mix of gender fluid types and Wesht of Ireland roasters, and ourselves of course. I wouldn’t be rushing back to be honest.


Boojum is coming lads. :clap:


Somewhere, Harbo is shedding a tear.


It’s just up the road from a distinctly average Mexican place that opened 6 months ago. Limerick is well behind on the whole food trends thing.


People have been saying that for years…


The default position of the west Limerick man in town is the Texas Steakout .


But that average Mexican may have its own uniqueness, Harbo craves that, while obviously still eating in the chain


Not surprising when the culinary highlight of the year was a few takeaway vans.


Advertising for a manager for the Limerick store at the minute, so we are nearly there


Have they started work on the premises yet?


No idea.


Walked by a week or two ago and nothing was happening anyway


Okay, that’s promising.


Where are they going in?