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Patrick Street. Used to be Irish Permanent in the building or some crowd like that



Walked by there a day or two ago and there was lots happening




This boojum place that’s coming is another mexican joint is it? I haven’t ever got into the Mexican fad, I’d say its savage bad for you is it?


Well it has the Mexicans driven demented anyway.


I dont know what would be in it thats all that bad for you? Meat, refried beans, rice and guacamole and peppers and stuff?


They’re flat out over at the Westward Ho.Must be opening up this weekend.


I saw them putting down a new surface on some of the carpark yesterday. Surely a sign that it’s fairly close alright.


Supposed to be open before Christmas anyway so must be soon enough.


Yer man Butch that ran the clubhouse in ballybrown is the new manager over there.


They’d be better than most fast food for you


TWO Limerick men have pleaded guilty to breaking into a car and causing €1,000 worth of damage at Kilmallock Court.

Jason Casey, aged 25, of temporary halting site, Coonagh and James McDonagh, aged 21, of caravan behind Tesco, Coonagh roundabout appeared before Judge Marian O’Leary.

Sergeant Michelle Leahy said at 5.10pm on February 15, 2017, the injured party parked his car at Ballinamona, Askeaton.


Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please

What am I not seeing about this piece?


The addresses.
“Caravan behind Tesco, Coonagh”


I thought travellers cause very little crime, that’s what they tell us isn’t it?


Thought it might be the car owner in Askeaton.

That bunch at Coonagh are bad news, the address has shown up a number of times in the papers


I’m not on facebook but the young fella showed me a thread on the residents of Kennedy Park. Powerful reading calling out the criminal elements that have been turned into an ethnic minority by the do-gooders. Caseys from Clonlong are a particular type of cunt.


Not on facebook either, saw that though aswell, they were spot on about the cunt regarding the two pipebombs found a couple of weekends ago in Glasgow park.


It’s their culture, innit.

From The Leader.

LAWYERS representing Limerick City and County Council are expected to return to court later this week after a number of Travellers failed to comply with an Order requiring them to leave an unofficial halting site on the outskirts of the city.

The local authority secured an injunction against a number of named individuals last week requiring them to move away from a public road off Clondrinagh Roundabout.

While the deadline to comply with the order was 12 noon on Sunday, a number of caravans remained in the area on Monday evening.

Making the application under the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2000 Pat Quinn BL, representing Limerick City and County Council said construction of the Northern Distributor Road has been delayed due to the presence of Travellers on the road.

Instructed by solicitor Ger Reidy, he said the multi-million euro project could not be progressed due to the presence of several caravans and other vehicles on the road which has been closed to traffic for some time.

Mr Quinn told Judge James O’Donoghue the delay has the potential to cost the local authority €10,000 a day as the main contractor, who has submitted a claim for €500,000, has not been able to carry out any work at the site.

Limerick Circuit Court heard the road where the caravans are located is to be used to transport more than 400,000 cubic metres of material to and from the construction site.

A number of Affidavits from Council officials were submitted to the court in support of the injunction application.

Having considered the matter, Judge O’Donoghue said he was satisfied the named individuals were causing an obstruction and that their presence on the road constitutes an unauthorised development.

Granting the council’s application, the judge told the respondents they had to be “off the road and gone from the whole area” by midday on Sunday.

Similar orders were granted in relation to nine other named individuals and their families last month.

The proceedings relate to thirteen named individuals and their families. All are members of three different extended families.

Judge O’Donoghue granted the council leave to re-enter the matter in the event of the order not being complied with.