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Is the proposed route finalised?
If so where are the final details?


This is just the start part from coonagh across. Only a small leg. Don’t think they are any closer to agreement on the full route. Nor will it be completed this side of 2020


Limerick & Clare co co approved the proposals as at link

Have not seen a progress update since


I think there was a ball of objections to it joining the Mackey roundabout which is apparently a disaster as it is.


I drive through that roundabout morning and evening. Jury is out on the new works just completed as UL is on exam weeks - we wont know the outcome until late January.
The proposal is full re-alignment of the roads in the area rather than a direct link into that roundabout.

The councillor driving the local issue is an Askeaton native.


He’ll take votes where he gets them :grinning:


Dont start me.


Don’t upset @TreatyStones he goes door to door for him.




People arent happy though!


It’s a wonder the one behind the counter didn’t ring head office and only offer them a reduced amount.


Bastards expecting people to walk


It’s a long way with a bag of cash and hatchets.


Lazy fuckers. If they were in a proper city, they’d be doing proper walking


I heard he goes above and beyond…


In fairness the town of askeaton has gone from strength to strength under his tenure


Why would you park and stride in Limerick when you can hazards and glide


Lads I’m heading to rathkeale in the next 20 mins. Wish me luck. If you don’t hear from me within the hour. Wait longer.


Good luck boss


Sound Mush