Matters Regarding Limerick 🏙️

Swords were used in Limerick long before there were immigrants

I won’t be trusting anything big wheezy Dwyer sticks up there.

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WTAF is going on? Between what happened in Dunmore East and now this,its just sick.

Gardai say a fella was apprehended with a small flick knife, not a sword.

Thats something I suppose but its still fookin warped.

He also didn’t enter any schools. He was arrested near schools.

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You’re always near a school in Corbally

A cunt in any case.

Local scrote or new to the parish?

Looks like more cultural enrichment in SuperValu Castletroy.

Literal whiff of sulphur in the air over Limerick today

Ah, it’s called SuperValu Páirc Uí Chaoimh Castletroy now.


Herself tells me there was some kind of reaction between a shipment landed at the docks and the contents of the scrapyard. Bord Gais were plagued with calls all yesterday apparently

Ya i heard it was something to do with the port. A shipment of sulphur came in or something. I thought there was a massive gas leak when I walked out the door this morning. Smell was very strong. Not surprised people were ringing bord gais it smelled exactly like it

Still a pong at 8pm.
Didn’t smell healthy.

Sounds like Rotorua in New Zealand. The whole place smells like a gas leak due to sulphur in the air from geothermal activity.

I thought there was a gas leak at work on Friday, and I could still smell it slightly when I went outside.

Must have got worse since then.

Was in a car coming in the Dock Rd yesterday. I knew i was smelling something!

Na it’s the disposable of a certain type of plastic

Smells like engine oil

Adare definitely is rugby country; pulled into Pat Collins for a bit of grub on the way home yesterday evening and the place was mobbed; lucky to get the last unreserved table and the bar full of punters sipping away, Most patrons were taking in proceedings from Twickenham and discussing same in knowledgable tones, to my untrained ear.